Shelter Administrator – Columbia Shelter

Columbia Presbyterian Church & Hands Across the Street

Primary Responsibility: to provide primary administrative oversight for year-round homeless outreach ministries of Columbia Presbyterian Church/Hands Across the Street (HAS), including but not limited to the Columbia Shelter, Shelter, and the recruitment of volunteers.

Accountability: reports directly to Pastor/Director, and relies on input from the Advisory Board of Hands Across the Street and Winter Shelter Committee (WSC) of the Columbia Ministerium.


  1. To oversee, along with the Pastor/Director, a shelter ministry that seeks to rebuild the person –to find the root causes of homelessness and to fill the needs of our guests with a goal of healing and wholeness from the trauma of homelessness.
  2. Ensure the dignity and respect of our guests according to Biblical values (Matthew 25:40) as expressed in the Reformed Tradition of the Christian faith, the Mission Statement of HAS, and also following the example of relational community ministry established by Aimee Semple McPherson that continues today in the work of the Los Angeles Dream Center. (1)
  3. The Shelter Administrator will oversee day-to-day management of shelter staff, implement intake and policy procedures, manage schedules, create training opportunities for staff and volunteers, and provide oversight to all homeless ministry operations.
  4. Explore and develop (in conjunction with HAS Board) the possibility of the addition of a family shelter component that works to keep families united.
  5. Works closely with Outreach Services Coordinator on the procurement of volunteers and supplies.
  6. Creates and maintains all electronic and printed data, documentation, and the reporting of all Columbia Shelter statistics; maintains guest files and does all record-keeping.
  7. Works closely with the Development Department on the writing and servicing of grants related to the shelter.
  8. Attends weekly staff meetings with Pastor/Director and Resource Advocate. Also prepares monthly reports for the HAS Advisory Board.
  9. Assesses the readiness of equipment and supplies.
  10. Ensure guests are provided with needed items, such as, clothing, toiletries, clean linens, and connection to social services information.
  11. Oversee promotional materials.
  12. Maintain regular evening office hours at the shelter and work closely with the Pastor/Director in matters pertaining to the homeless ministry of Columbia Presbyterian Church/Hands Across the Street.
  13. Other duties as assigned.


This position is full-time, exempt, comprising approximately 40 hours per week, and eligible for health insurance.

CONTACT: Rev. David Powers 717-449-0492

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