Refugee/Immigrant Coalition Coordinator

The Lancaster County Refugee and Immigrant Coalition (LCRIC)

Service Description:

Before 2016, Lancaster County resettled more refugees in Pennsylvania than Philadelphia and Pittsburgh combined. Lancaster County is home to more than 23,000 foreign born residents, many of whom are working through past traumas from persecution, wars and natural disasters. Some have little formal education while others are highly educated. Some face discrimination in their new community. The Lancaster County Refugee and Immigrant Coalition (LCRIC) is a group of diverse stakeholders including educators, government, businesses, community leaders, residents, community organizations and faith-based groups. The Coalition leads a local movement to make Lancaster County a welcoming and inclusive community for everyone, including refugees, immigrants, migrants and the receiving community. LCRIC seeks to evolve, in a sustainable way, to further engage partners and the boarder community to collectively help refugees and immigrants to seamlessly integrate into the community and become ambassadors for other new entrants to the community. A VISTA will be paramount in these efforts. In 2020, LCRIC engaged the consulting firm “unthinkable” to facilitate a comprehensive plan to help the coalition review mission, vision and set new goals. LCRIC’s strategy is action oriented, and our new strategic blueprint is our commitment to fulfill our role as a coalition to lead integration efforts, to spotlight and emphasize client needs first, align our work with the Certified Welcoming standards of Welcoming America, and to ensure that our community understands our purpose and role as we work to build connections with the community at large.

Member Duties:

  • Develop infrastructure needed to support and sustain Coalition efforts.
  • Coordinate governance committee, action team and task force meetings.
  • Take meeting notes and post in document sharing site. * Monitor work of LCRIC’s alignment with strategic plan and goals.
  • Explore grant funding opportunities and work with LCRIC members to apply.
  • Support data collection strategies and tools for members by developing and implementing data collection methods, tools and evaluation measures for coalition activities and engagements.
  • Facilitate LCRIC’s role in the Certified Welcoming application.
  • Coordinate and facilitate collaborative meetings.
  • Represent the coalition when needed.
  • Develop an LCRIC website.
  • Monitor and contribute to LCRIC’s Facebook page.
  • Develop media materials for the public and specific audiences.
  • Develop and define the role of LCRIC Coordinator.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Program Type: AmeriCorps VISTA

Work Schedule: Full Time

Education: Some College

Program Dates: 07/19/21 – 07/18/22

To apply to be a VISTA member, please email a cover letter specifying which United Way position you’re interested in, resumé, and three references to:

Amanda McNaughton
Member Services Coordinator
United Way of PA
(717) 238-7365 x206

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