Executive Office Administrative Assistant

Mennonite Central Committee

The purpose of this position is to provide administrative support to the MCC U.S. Org. Dev./Racial Equity director, Finance Director, and Executive Assistant. This person is a key support to assure the work of these three offices is successfully accomplished through strong initiative skills, ability and willingness to see work completed accurately and on time.

Key Responsibilities: 

Specific Tasks and Duties:
50% Administrative support to the Org. Dev./Racial Equity Director
30% Administrative support to Financial Director
20% Administrative support to Executive Office Assistant

Provide direct administrative support to the Org. Dev./Racial Equity director, financial director and executive office assistant. This person writes accurate and excellent minutes of meetings led by the Org. Dev./Racial Equity director and minutes of meetings as requested by the financial director or executive office assistant.

Task and duties for Org. Dev./Racial Equity director:
– Maintain calendar of meetings, events and other activities for the Org. Dev./Racial Equity director.
– Make travel arrangements for the Racial Equity Director. Provides other support to enhance Org. Dev./Racial Equity director ability to perform assigned duties of the racial equity office (e.g., preparing logistics, supplies and equipment for meetings, Teams task lists).
– Manage credit card monthly statements. Complete monthly ED expense reports.
– Organize and maintain proper filing and recordkeeping. Follows established procedures for archiving documents in MCC.
– Follow existing MCC procedures for managing confidential information.
– Prepare for and manage events. Plan venue. Plan and carry out logistics for event including but not limited to meetings rooms, lodging, meals, transportation (to/from and during meeting) tech needs, etc. Prepare information packets and meeting rooms. Attend meetings and record minutes. Distribute meeting minutes.
– Provide continuity when the Org. Dev./Racial Equity director is absent. Answer basic questions about office projects, initiatives and responsibilities in the absence of the Org. Dev./Racial Equity director. Create letters, e-mail messages and other communications as needed.
– Maintain daily contact with the Org. Dev./Racial Equity director whenever possible. Assist the Org. Dev./Racial Equity director with assigned projects as necessary. Manage or conduct Internet, library and other information searches as needed.

Task and duties for financial director:
– Schedule meetings for the finance department and the finance director as necessary.
– Help plan and schedule meetings for the Audit and Finance Committee.
– Attend all Audit and Finance Committee meetings and take meeting minutes.
– Attend regional international meetings and record minutes
– Assist with the receiving and sending of mail for the finance department.
– Make travel arrangements for the finance department as needed.
– Work with International Program AAs on getting official MCC documentation needed for country programs.

Task and duties for executive assistant:
– Manage inter-office correspondence, e-mails and phone calls.
– Assist with breaks at the receptionist desk at least twice a month.
– Assist the executive assistant with board meeting preparation including but not limited to meeting room preparation, lodging, meals, transportation (to/from and during meeting) tech needs, etc.
– Prepare and manage monthly birthday card mailings for staff by preparing them for the executive director.
– Together with the executive assistant maintain and keep updated information on the MCC U.S. Hub community.

Supervision: No direct supervision

Travel expectations: Travel up to 30 nights away per year within the US/Canada and internationally

Physical Activity/Demands:
• Occasionally ascending or descending stairs/ladders or the like.
• Constantly remaining in a stationary position, often standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time.
• Occasionally moving about to accomplish tasks or move from one worksite to another.
• Occasionally light work that includes moving objects up to 20 pounds.
• Never medium work that includes moving objects up to 50 pounds.
• Never heavy work that includes moving objects up to 100 pounds or more.
• Constantly repeating motions that may include the wrists, hands and/or fingers.
• Never operating machinery and/or power tools.
• Never operating motor vehicles or heavy equipment.
• Constantly assessing the accuracy, neatness and thoroughness of work assigned.
• Not exposed to adverse environmental conditions.

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