Executive Director

Clare House, Inc.

Job Purpose: 

The Executive Director is the key leader of Clare House and is responsible for the oversight and  evaluation of the staff, administration, program, and strategic plan of the organization. The  Executive Director leads the fundraising, marketing, and community outreach initiatives. The  Executive Director reports to and works closely with the Board of Directors to engage in  strategic planning and resource development. 

Primary Duties & Responsibilities: 

Fundraising & Community Outreach: 

Lead all Clare House fundraising efforts. Create and carry out an annual fundraising plan  in collaboration with the Board of Directors. Participate in all fundraising committees  with the Board of Directors. 

Maintain and develop working relationships with community partners, volunteers, and  donors. 

Participate in the planning and execution of all Clare House events. Attend all Clare  House events. 

Responsible for enhancing Clare House’s image by being an active and visible member  of the community. Represent Clare House at appropriate events and forums. Communicate with donors and community members via quarterly newsletter, as well as  other appropriate mediums to keep stakeholders apprised of all relevant happenings and  changes in the work of Clare House.  

Carry out marketing campaigns. Write, design and schedule email marketing and social  media posts; Plan, write, and schedule written appeals. 

Receive, process, and acknowledge all monetary contributions, in-kind donations, and  sponsorship support. Create an efficient system for timely donor acknowledgments  (within two weeks). 

Maintain Bloomerang donor management system to ensure accurate, up to date records.  

Leadership and Human Resources

Recruit, hire, and orient appropriate and competent staff to further the mission of Clare  House. Supervise the Program Director, who is responsible for overseeing the positions of House Manager, Case Manager and on-call staff. Coordinate or delegate management  and supervision of all interns. 

Implement the human resource policies and procedures. Maintain payroll system and  carry out PTO policy. Ensure confidentiality of relevant personnel files. 

Maintain up to date job descriptions for staff. Clearly outline and communicate roles and  responsibilities throughout the organization. 

Carry out a performance management system. Conduct the Program Director’s annual  performance review and ensure that all staff has 100 day and annual performance  reviews. Ensure that Exit Interviews are completed for all outgoing employees. 

Organize and lead staff in regularly scheduled staff meetings to ensure open and effective  communication. 

Facilitate and attend trainings and team building, including both staff and the Board of  Directors, as appropriate. 

Maintain all Clare House accounts, including records of usernames and passwords.  Ensure that at least two Clare House staff or Board members have access to all Clare  House accounts.  

Program Delivery: 

Facilitate a cohesive delivery of services to the women and children of Clare House that  adhere to the organization’s core values. 

Develop long-term goals, new initiatives, and innovative approaches to service provision  that aim to further the mission of Clare House and appropriately respond to ever changing community needs. 

Ensure that program operation, policies, procedures, activities comply with relevant  legislation and standards of practice, as well as align with the mission and core values of  Clare House. 

Ensure that personnel, client, donor and volunteer files are securely stored and  privacy/confidentiality is maintained. Oversee the storage of all Clare House records. Compile, maintain and report on program statistics, and community need; Analyze trends  and make recommendations to the Board of Directors as appropriate.  

Maintain a chart of room occupancy that includes rooms utilized, trends in applications,  and any barriers to maintaining full houses or the move-in process. Make chart accessible  to the Board of Directors. 

Board Governance

Attend and participate in all Board and Executive Committee Meetings, held on the  second Wednesday and final Wednesday of the month, respectively. 

Collaborate with the Board of Directors to fulfill the mission of Clare House. Implement the vision and strategic plan. Participate in strategic planning with the Board of Directors.  Work in conjunction with the Board of Directors to maintain up to date by-laws, policies,  and other corporation documents to reflect the structure and mission of Clare House. Communicate effectively with the Board to provide appropriate information in a timely  manner.

Participate in the orientation of new Board members. 

Provide the Board of Directors with a monthly written report, in advance of Board  meetings. 

Meet with the Board Chair weekly, or with frequency as determined by the Executive  Committee, to facilitate open communication, informed Board decision making, and  Board support of the Executive Director. 

Financial Management: 

Prepare comprehensive annual budget in conjunction with the Board Finance Committee. Maintain awareness of grant opportunities. Prepare and submit grants. Keep record of all  grants submitted and an annual grant schedule. 

Provide financial management of Clare House operations within the Board approved  budget. 

Provide all relevant information to the bookkeeper and documentation to the auditor. Maintain all financial records. Facilitate annual audit meetings with the Finance  committee. 

Review and approve all appropriate contracts for service providers (IT, payroll, pest  control, etc.) 

Facilitate annually, at the beginning of each new Fiscal Year, the appropriate additions of  Officers of the Board to Clare House bank accounts. 


Complete other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors to enhance the effectiveness  of the program and well-being of the organization. 

Assist with on-call responsibilities as needed 


Bachelor’s degree required 

Previous supervisory experience required 

Previous experience in social services, preferred experience with housing services or  homeless populations 

Experience in development and fundraising, including basic understanding of charitable  gift giving, donor relationship building, gift planning, grant writing, and capital  campaigns 

Strong leadership and creative problem solving skills 

Ability to successfully set and meet deadlines and manage time with multiple priorities in  a fast-paced environment  

Outstanding verbal and written communication skills 

Must have knowledge of emerging trends in social services and basic knowledge of  trauma and trauma-informed service provision 

Must possess the ability to interact with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds Clearances (PA State Child Abuse Clearance, PA State Criminal Background Check, FBI  Clearance)

Sound computer skills; well versed in MS Office and Bloomerang Donor Management  System. 

Must have the ability to work flexible hours, access to a vehicle, and valid Pennsylvania  driver’s license.

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