Compliance and Business Manager

The Lancaster County Workforce Development Board (LCWDB)

The Lancaster County Workforce Development Board (LCWDB) is seeking a detailed-oriented and technology savvy Compliance and Business Manager who will oversee compliance and program activities. The Compliance and Business Manager directly reports to the Chief Operating Officer (COO), as well as, supervising a team of 2 staff members including functional responsibility and strategic leadership over the Business Services Team of the PA CareerLink®. The Compliance and Business Manager will lead state and federal monitoring, development and review of internal monitoring tools, programmatic compliance monitoring, fiscal monitoring, development, and delivery of procurement process.

As a member of the team, the Compliance and Business Manager will encompass and carry out the mission/vision of the Lancaster County Workforce Development Board and perform responsibilities in alignment with organization core values:


  • The Lancaster County Workforce Development Board seeks to align fiscal resources and provide strategic direction for Lancaster County jobseekers and employers.


  • The Lancaster County workforce development environment is characterized by innovative opportunities for job seekers, employers, and community partners to achieve their maximum potential.

Core Values

  • Accessible, inclusive path to training, development, and opportunity for workforce advancement.
  • Intentional community partnerships.
  • Connective resources to support collaboration and innovation.
  • Systematic equity and integrity of service delivery.


  • Serve as policy and regulations specialist.
  • Prepare reports, memos, letters, and other documents, using word processing, spreadsheets, database, and/or presentation software.
  • Represent local interests on assigned statewide committees and workgroups.
  • Serve as a support to the Eligible Training Providers applications in accordance with State and Local policies.
  • Maintain procurement and monitoring guides & tools; arrange for the procurement of goods and services related to any funds that are awarded to the Board according to guidelines established in the award process.
  • Write Requests for Proposals, manage the process and responsible for the RFP software system.
  • Assure that all contracts meet local, state, and federal requirements (or the requirements of the grant if privately funded).
  • Negotiate and execute contracts for vendors and sub-recipients.
  • Conduct quarterly file monitoring of all contractors as part of performance review.
  • Conduct and document provider’s demonstrated performance.
  • Collect and analyze data for the purpose of monitoring sub-recipients for compliance and terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Conduct oversite of Workforce & Youth Program Coordinators.
  • Evaluate performance of existing contractors relative to performance criteria.
  • Interpret and reconcile local quarterly performance reports received by Department of Labor & Industry and establish plan of action as needed with program coordinators.
  • Develop a strategic plan for Business Services Team, ensuring employer engagement and activity level support the workforce needs in the community.
  • Recommend corrective action as deemed necessary as a result of monitoring; follow up, oversee and manage workforce and youth coordinators.
  • Prepare State required reports and updates for grants and submit by deadline.
  • Complete Memorandum of Understanding and leases for PA CareerLink®.
  • Conduct Quarterly Fiscal Monitoring of Sub-recipients to include the review and authorization of monthly invoices.


  • BA in Business Administration, Contract Administration or similar preferred, OR four-year combination of college education and progressive, comparable experience in human service and management fields.


  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and commitment to LCWDB’s mission. A hands-on strategic thinker who works well independently and within a team.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills; experience in effectively communicating key strategic directives including presentations to senior management, board, or other outside partners.
  • Perform multiple tasks, often with short notice.
  • Adhere to unexpected deadlines and short turn-around times.
  • Establish and maintain an effective, professional working relationship with internal and external customers, despite potentially stressful situations.
  • Communicate information effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience.
  • Manage one’s own time and the time of others.
  • Extensive knowledge of applicable Workforce System Policies (WSP), and regulations. (learned)
  • Extensive knowledge of the CareerLink, its partners and services. (learned)
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