Bureau Chief of Property Maintenance and Housing Inspections

City of Lancaster

Primary Functions and Job Details

The Bureau Chief of Property Maintenance and Housing Inspections is responsible for administering the City of Lancaster’s Property Maintenance and Rental Property Ordinances and managing the staff and resources committed to this function. The employee in this position is responsible for supervising and assisting staff involved in the enforcement of the City’s property maintenance and rental property codes and regulations. The position provides leadership for the bureau in promoting a high level of customer service, being proactive in obtaining community compliance with code requirements and works closely with neighborhood groups and other organizations.

The incumbent develops and manages enforcement of property maintenance programs and procedures to ensure meaningful compliance across the city in furtherance of good property conditions and the health and safety of City residents. The incumbent serves as chief administrative liaison and spokesperson to stakeholders and organizations as relevant and assigned. The incumbent has considerable independence and latitude in setting up and directing the City’s property maintenance and inspection programs with overall administrative direction being received from the Director of Community Planning and Economic Development and the Deputy Director, who both may review work through conferences, staff meetings and direct assessment of the Bureau’s performance.


Examples Of Essential Duties

· Plans, supervises and evaluates the work products and performance of employees; recommends personnel actions related to selection, disciplinary procedures, performance, work schedules and assignments.

· Identifies and facilitates staff development opportunities to assure staff awareness of current property condition regulations and best practices in the field.

· Provides well-researched and expert guidance in the formulation and update of policies and regulations related to property condition enforcement.

· Makes recommendations concerning budget, personnel and related resource requirements for the area supervised based upon experience, anticipated workload and production capability of the department.

· Investigates and implements ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations within the Bureau and in conjunction with other managers to solve problems and/or ameliorate cross-cutting issues.

· Plans work activities and sequential operations on a daily, weekly, monthly, or longer-term basis.

· Works with department director and deputy director and explains and interprets regulations and procedures; coordinates and improvises work schedules and systems.

· Explains the work of the bureau, program policies and procedures to interested parties and staff, drafts detailed responses about programs, regulations, procedures, activities and status of projects; compiles statistical or narrative information about the program.

· Represents the bureau at various and related business meetings, and effectively presents quantitative and qualitative data as needed.

· Exercises a substantial measure of responsibility and accountability for the technical soundness of the work which is supervised.

· Oversees the work of consultants hired by the City to perform property maintenance related tasks.

· Performs such other duties as assigned.

· Follows safe practices in the performance of the position duties


Education, Training and Experience

· Graduation from an accredited college with a bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, urban planning, construction management, construction technology architecture or related field; and

· Considerable experience in building construction inspection, housing or code enforcement, or a related field with increasing responsibility; and

· Some of the required experience must be in a related supervisory or administrative capacity.

· Or any equivalent combination of training or experience as determined by the Department Director.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

· Comprehensive knowledge of current principles, practices and techniques of code enforcement.

· Ability to utilize property maintenance and inspection authorities and tools to help improve housing conditions and contribute to the citizen wellness and quality of life.

· Thorough knowledge of budgetary principles within a municipality.

· Ability to provide administrative direction within a municipal bureau.

· Ability to supervise, coach, and train staff; evaluate and lead the work of others.

· Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with co-workers, governmental agency representatives, neighborhood groups, elected officials, property owners, tenants and the public.

· Ability to communicate effectively with others, both orally and in writing, using both technical and non-technical language.

· Ability to prepare and present accurate and reliable reports containing findings and recommendations.

· Ability to encourage diverse community participation, facilitate understanding and consensus, and influence dialogue towards productive resolution.

· Proven ability to read, write, speak, and comprehend English is required; ability to read, write, speak, and comprehend Spanish is desired.

· Proven ability to work as part of a team and to collaborate successfully with others is required.

· Proven ability to adapt to new or changed situations and to show flexibility in making improvements in work processes and operations is required.

· Proven ability to exhibit customer-centered behaviors and to focus on customer needs is required.

· Proven ability to commit to excellence in service and to continuous improvement is required.

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