Leadership Advantage

Leadership Advantage

Join Leadership Lancaster and local experts! Customize the training that will enhance your personal skills and strengthen your organization.

Start off the year at an advantage with trainings led by subject matter experts.

Leadership Advantage Schedule

7:30-8:00a Registration and Networking Continental Breakfast

8:00-9:15a Session 1

9:30-10:45a Session 2

11:00a-12:15p Session 3

2020 Sessions:

*Please note, not all sessions are offered during each time frame*

A: “Building a Cohesive Team” Gina Breslin, North Group Consultants

Do you find yourself struggling with dysfunctional teams or teams that are achieving sub-optimal outcomes? In this session we will discuss building cohesive teams by first identifying the five principles of highly functional teams and then working through these distinguishing essentials: Defining yourself and your organization, clarifying success, and reinforcing, recognizing and rewarding your team.

B: “Building an Equitable and Inclusive Workplace” Panel discussion led by Jaime Arroyo, Work Wisdom LLC

Join the conversation about best practices for building equity into your organization’s culture. You’ll hear how leaders can become advocates and take a proactive role in developing and improving workplace policies that are equitable and inclusive for all.

C: “Finance Basics for Nonprofit Board Members” McKonly & Asbury

Nonprofit boards need up-to-date financial information to make informed decisions. But not every board member arrives with a deep appreciation for, or even a passing familiarity with, financial reports. Attend this session to help yourself and your board increasing financial literacy by reducing the mystery of nonprofit budgets, financial reports, and audits.

D: “Interactive Social Media Strategy Development and Creating Your Own Tactical Plan” Kris Bradley, Namespark

Kris Bradley of NameSpark will define how to create a social media strategy, discuss tactics, and show you how to create a tactical plan to achieve a successful social media strategy. Attendees will break into groups to establish a social media strategy and create a tactical plan. Kris will also take a closer look at social media analytics and help attendees better understand what analytics to focus on when determining if the goals of their strategic plan were achieved.”

E: “Mindful Leadership” Christian Recknagel, TAIT

Incorporating mindfulness into your leadership approach has a positive impact on success, individually and organizationally. So how does this really work? What does a practical practice look like that will help me achieve results and face challenges? If mindfulness is not about soft cushions, new age music and incense, what is it? Christian Recknagel will focus on what mindfulness is from a practical perspective. He will encourage attendees to consider their personal approach to leadership, no matter what their job responsibilities are, and explore how to incorporate mindfulness practices to help create higher levels of performance and success. You will leave with a clearer understanding of how to focus on being a better leader to serve your organization, your community and, most importantly, yourself.

F: “Personal Branding Workshop” Mia Aquino, Hat Tip Digital LLC

No matter what your role is in the nonprofit sector— personal branding plays a key part in your job. To be effective, nonprofit leaders must excel at using their voices in service of their organizations’ missions and strategies on social media channels. But how do you break through on social media, where it can be challenging to get your voice heard through all the noise? By developing your personal brand, you can raise your profile in a way that is authentic, unique, and relevant to your professional life. Discover how you can market yourself and help your organization by showcasing who you are, what you do, and what makes you different.

G: “The Aging Advantage” Martha Harris, Fizika Group and Melissa Ressler, Lancaster Downtowners

Learn how the landscape of aging is changing, and explore how to engage this growing resource for the benefit of the community. This interactive session will feature insight and best practices to promote the involvement of older people in your organization as staff, volunteers, supporters, and consumers and will guide participants in re-imagining “retirement.”

H: “The Enneagram at Work (Part 1)” Rhonda Myers, LPC

The Enneagram is a system for understanding personality types and a tool for personal development. Beyond merely describing 9 distinct “types,” it provides insights into the motivations and fears that drive behavior patterns. Detailing the strengths, challenges, and constrictions of each personality type, it provides a map for personal transformation and enhanced understanding of others. (Part One is a basic introduction to the Enneagram. Part Two will provide applications for the workplace and leadership.)

I: “The Enneagram at Work (Part 2)” Rhonda Myers, LPC

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence are key traits of excellent leaders, and the Enneagram is a tool that promotes the development of both qualities. We will explore the ways in which each Type communicates, engages with conflict, leads, and responds to leadership. You will leave with a recommendation for a simple practice to increase self-awareness and interrupt automatic reactions.

J: “The Truth About Board Members and Fundraising” Dani Beam, Beam Consulting

You’ve probably heard that board members should “help with fundraising,” but what does that really mean? In this session, you’ll learn about some of most important ways board members can participate in fundraising. (Spoiler: It’s not always about asking your friends for money.) But sometimes, you might need to ask for a donation. So, you’ll also learn how set the stage to ask for a gift and how to identify key indicators that a donor is ready to be asked.

K: “Workforce Development: Bridging the Gap between Nonprofit and Corporations and Making a Stronger Community” Leslie Nunez, Lancaster WORKS

We have now entered an age where our public sector and private sector organizations are forming partnerships that are embracing the collective impact philosophy. Lancaster Works, as a For-Profit is continually trying to identify public and private sectors, nonprofit and government agencies that provide resources to individuals in reaching their workforce development goals. As individuals come into Lancaster Works barriers to employment are discussed, leading us to engage our public sector partners to determine if the required resources are readily available. Learn how our internal philosophy at Lancaster Works can serve as a model to help your company connect with nonprofit resources, assisting you to better support employees in breaking down barriers.

L: “Nonprofit Enterprise Management- For Profit Practices for Nonprofit Organizations” David C. Del Grosso, PNC Institutional Asset Management

More and more, nonprofit organizations are having to reconsider and reposition their strategic planning to confirm the continued success of their mission. We have noted a number of trends in our clients and in the industry at-large to accomplish this, including:

• A change in how they look at and plan for fundraising campaigns

• The use of mergers and acquisitions

• A renewed focus on liquidity

• Focus on staffing and board succession planning

In this session, we will touch on these four strategic decisions in more detail, offering best practices and general considerations for how nonprofit organizations can utilize these strategies to help succeed in their missions.


Event Information

Starts: February 7, 2020 at 8:00 am
Ends: February 7, 2020 at 12:30 pm

1905 Old Philadelphia Pike

Hosted by: Leadership Lancaster

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