Preferred Consultant Network


Finding the consultant best suited to your organization can be an onerous task and a decision that you ultimately need to make. All consultants in the NRN’s Preferred Consultant Network have successfully completed a consultant screening application and have agreed to engage in a post-engagement evaluation process with agencies who have contacted them through the NRN. The NRN reserves the right to terminate our relationship with any consultant who does not continue to comply with our standards or meet our internal standards for excellent service.

Tips for Hiring a Consultant

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Though the NRN has conducted preliminary reference checks for each member of this network, we do not assume responsibility for the quality of work provided by any consultant on this list. We do not set prices, negotiate on behalf of one or both parties or mediate in the event of a dispute. We would, however, like to know about the quality of the work provided by these individuals.

If your organization decides to contract with a member of this directory, we would greatly appreciate it if you would complete an online-survey about the quality of this consultant’s work at the end of your engagement.

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