COVID-19 Resource Map & Nonprofit COVID Response

COVID-19 Resource Map & Nonprofit COVID Response

United Way of Lancaster County is excited to share with you their new COVID-19 Resource Map designed to help residents across the county find resources near them. Since people are already familiar with searching Google maps, they believe those with internet access will find it very easy to use.

Here’s the link:

Any non-profit or faith-based organization, health or child care provider, school, even for-profit business (for example, Sheetz is offering free Kidz Meals) that is providing products/services specifically related to COVID response in Lancaster County can request their program(s) be added to the map by completing this form: Organizations can also post requests for assistance (volunteers, supplies, etc.) via the “crowdsource” section for the public to read.

United Way of Lancaster County is ready to unveil this resource even though they are still adding items (in collaboration with 211). They ask that you please share this information with your networks to ensure the resources in your community are included.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to them by phone at (717)-824-8100 or to Cindi Moses through email at

To learn more, visit for information on United Way of Lancaster County, or visit their new website for current information about COVID-19.

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