As a mother, wife, educator – and as a Being passing by this beautiful earth, my life is never idle, but it is always ideal, because of the aforementioned nouns.

I was born in Bangladesh (land of the royal Bengal tigers) grew up in Zimbabwe (savanna paradise and the smoke that thunders), and pursued my graduate work in NYC (it’s true what they say about having made it in NYC). In my travels near and far, there has always been an abundance of beauty and good – and everything/ everyone else has only served to strengthen the muscles of my humor and the space of my soul.

Having traveled the continents, my husband, Dr. Christopher Hardy, and I are busily happy and happily busy, raising our family. Our two children fearlessly believe they are already well-equipped to rule the world.  We, on the other hand, would like to hold on to them for a while. Together we love to explore the world;  whether it be a forest on the other side of the globe, a braii/ cookout with friends and family, or playing about in our own backyard.

I am an avid reader of excellent mysteries, and I also write fiction & non-fiction. I am particularly invested in the empowerment of women. Our house is filled with books of every kind, and journals ranging from Botany, Computer Science, sports, and everything in between. However, these days my husband and I are pretty well-versed in tales of adventures in faraway lands of fairies and pirates. [Edit 2023: we have moved on to being “versed” in softball/ baseball/ volleyball/ basketball/ electric cars/ robotics/ TikTok moves]


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