Strategies for Effective Group Work

1. Know who your group mates are

2. Determine (as a group) a shared communication tool (e.g. group text, MS Teams, Slack or something comparable) that is visible by all group members, and that provides documentation of your communication

3. Consider appointing a “point person”

4. Discuss and be clear on your outcome

5. Break the outcome into 3 doable parts (e.g. at the end of this project we will have accomplished these 3 things to meet the outcome)

6. Determine a fairly distributed task list, along with the person(s) responsible for each part, so that you can accomplish the doable parts

7. Be open about what you can contribute well to (or cannot)

8. Set reasonable deadlines and know what you agreed to be accountable for

9. Have a set check-in date for group meetings that works for all group mates (consider a tool like zoom)

10. Give and take feedback – in a professional manner, keeping your outcome in mind.

11. Mark progress or drawbacks at each group meeting and make necessary changes

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