Advisement for Registration

Dear Advisees.

My office hours are on the faculty page on the CS webpage.

Please be sure to visit me for registration and TAP numbers before registration begins. You do not need to make an appointment – just show up during office hours.

I will guide you on your courses, but be prepared with some classes and alternate classes that you want to take. So, remember to look through your DARS AND the schedule of available classes:

Here is a link to the schedule builder:

For those of you who are Freshman or Transfer students, please look through this documentation before our meeting. I know it is long – but it is useful and necessary for you to know how registration works and how to access essential tools like your DARS and also the date and timeframe of your registration date.

Information on your particular registration date/ time can be found here:

Useful forms for students:

Best wishes,

Dr. Hardy

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