Absences, Notes, & Class Engagement

  1. If you miss a class, be sure to ask a classmate or groupmate for the notes we covered on that day. (Note: for most classes, we will not have the actual notes on D2L, only occasional handouts/ presentations that need to be filled in, or the homework assignments and the due date.)
    Once you take notes from a classmate, review them, and then feel free to come to office hours with those notes and any questions on what you do not understand.
  2. Please note that students are generally allowed 3 excused absences over the course of the semester. Beyond that, I would like you to speak to your academic advisor. Being absent from class affects your grade because a) we cover new material in every class b) all new material is cumulative by nature and it is necessary to have a foundation of the prior material c) you can ask questions about the material, d) and we may review prior work and homework.
  3. 3 unexcused absences result in the student being dropped from the course. Come and talk to me about any difficulties so that I have an understanding of the problem and we can sort through it together.
  4. If you are absent on exam days or on days when the assignment is due in class, an excuse note is required (from doctor’s office, conference, etc.)
  5. Remember to always be caught up and current with class material. If you are ever in a situation where you have not done the homework by the due date, come to class anyway, because you will learn from our review/ grading of the homework.
  6. Engaging with your classmates or group mates outside of class allows you to think about and understand class material from a broader perspective – so continue to do so. Let me know if I can help you with respect to working with classmates or group mates

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