New site launch: May 14

Millersville University’s Website Launch

Monday, May 14 is the official launch date for the new University website. Please note there will be intermittent website outages late Sunday evening or very early Monday morning in order to launch the new site.

To prepare you for the transition, here is an overview of what has been done, what to expect and what will happen in the following weeks.

The Core Website Team has invested hundreds of hours of work into this project. They migrated more than 5,000 pages of content to the new site. New content was written for hundreds of pages. Some page content was cleaned up and other pages were migrated “as-is.” Also, hundreds of current photos were saved in several sizes to comply with the new website standards while new photos and videos were added to better showcase our programs and departments.

What to Expect

The new website complies with current web standards including higher-resolution monitors and mobile screens. This means that some of the pages’ photos may now be affected in terms of resolution (clarity) or composition (cropping). For Content Management System (CMS) users, that may mean pulling in images from their original higher-resolution files, deleting images or replacing with new images to make your page(s) as effective and attractive as possible after launch.

For a quick guide to where frequently used links will appear on the new site, visit Quick Guide to the new

User Training

For pages where the content has been “pulled-in” automatically during migration, CMS users may need to adjust the formatting. The new CMS accommodates more options for content styling and placement. However, utilizing these options will need to be done by hand, one page at a time. We are currently developing a University training program to teach others how to work in the new website format, with new image sizes and with the new version of Cascade. The training schedule will be posted in ’Ville Daily and is expected to begin about two weeks after launch.

Because of the new site’s focus on external visitors, Marketing and IT carefully reviewed and edited all of the high-level pages, fixing the images and formatting the pages. This includes almost all of the homepages (index pages) for each section. Once the website has launched, departments and CMS power users will need to go into their subpages (and sub-subpages) to review them and adjust as needed for photos and content layout.

Giving Feedback 

Finally, in talking with other universities and researching their website redesign launches, we understand that there will be content issues, minor technical problems and suggestions on website improvements. A feedback form has been created on the Website Redesign Blog to help with handling the intake of fixes, needs and wants. Please use this form to submit your feedback. It will be the fastest and most effective way to alert the Core Website Team to any issues that need to addressed and will result in the most efficient resolution.

We look forward to the launch of the new website, which also features our new brand identity. Our new site will immediately be more SEO friendly, responsive, ADA compliant, and, after addressing the inevitable fixes that such a complex process entails, will do a far superior job telling the Millersville University story to prospective students and the wider world.