Webpage Content Tips

Many campus partners have asked for assistance with evaluating the content on their site during our cleanup process. Below is a guide to help assess your page content and edit as necessary to prepare for the new website!

What is the goal of this page? (limit text to avoid overwhelming the audience)

  • Most people prefer to skim text to find what they’re looking for. Keep it short.

Who is the audience? (write for the reader – current student, prospective student, faculty, staff, etc.?)

  • Relate to the reader

What are the objectives you want to communicate? (what do you want the reader to learn)

  • Brag (ex. This program is the only one of its kind in Central PA)

What is the call to action? (what should they do after reading?)

  • It’s ok to use, contact us, but try using more exciting phases (Meteorology example: instead of contact us use Storm into your future…)

Features/points to include? (anything else?)

  • Only students that study at MU have this opportunity!

What keywords and phrases should be included in your copy for SEO (ex. google searches)? (what keywords would a potential reader search for when using google or another search engine?)

  • Instead of only using the term Meteorology. Add: Meteorologist, weather forecasting, forecaster, etc. throughout your copy.

Additional content enhancement tips:

We are currently writing a few hundred pages of content that contains our top marketing messaging. We are currently defining what pages will be/can be written by marketing, before the launch.

If you choose to rewrite/update some of your content, here are some key points that help make Millersville unique, according to our current and past students. Whenever possible, try to tie in your department’s specific information with these ideas.

Together: We are a student-centric school. You have the support of leading faculty to achieve your goals. And, you have the support of staff in finding what you need.

Strong: We create strong, resourceful and creative thinkers and doers. You will be prepared to succeed.

Beautiful Campus: An amazing place to learn and grow.

Outstanding ROI: We are still considered a great value University. A smart choice.

Safety: One of the safest college towns in America.

Location: A beautiful campus, close to downtown, historic Lancaster city.

Please use words and phrases such as:

We, us, together, strong, strength, side-by-side, collaboration, group, collectively.

A writing example of how to tie in your specific information with these ideas… change the copy “Millersville’s music faculty is dedicated to your success.” to “Millersville’s industry-leading faculty takes their real-world music experiences and works together, hand-in-hand, string-to-string and key-to-key to help you achieve a successful career in the music industry.”

Also, the word Marauder had a positive effect to our test target audience and is also embraced by our current students, providing a feeling of pride. If you use the word Marauder, please connect it with positive aspects such as strength, fearlessness, banding together, prepared for action, open to a challenge, etc.

What is ADA compliance?

There are website accessibility regulations and we are currently out of ADA compliance. This year, 2017, was the year given for sites, such as ours, to be up to compliance standards. We need to make sure our pages and all linked documents are closer to ADA compliant standards. We will be working with our website vendor to help make our site more compliant, however we can do some work now.

  • If you have a PDF document that is an image and not true text, this needs converted to type. An  example would be a “scanned” document and saved as a PDF file. These types of PDF files should not be on our new site, as they are NOT ADA compliant and eventually could cost the university in fines.
  • Also, ANY text that is image-based is not compliant. The best course of action is to turn all text into HTML on a page.
  • If you have video or audio, transcripts/captions are required.
  • Buttons are clearly named.
  • Do not underline type, unless it is a link.