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‘Ville Employees Assist Junior Achievement

Since 2012, employees from Millersville have volunteered to work in local classrooms and schools with Junior Achievement of South-Central PA.

In keeping with one of the University’s core values of public mission, employees from Millersville have volunteered for the Junior Achievement program once again. 

Since 2012, employees from Millersville have volunteered to work in local classrooms and schools with the non-profit organization Junior Achievement of South-Central PA. This year, 11 employees volunteered a total of 16 times with the organization: 

  • Alison Hutchinson, Registrar 
  • Andrew Welaish, Director of Library Operations 
  • Dr. Brooke Martin, Adjunct Professor in Art Education 
  • Gwendolyn Phillips, Criminology, Sociology & Anthropology Department Secretary 
  • Jasmine Campbell, Director of Student Accounts 
  • Dr. Jennifer Burke, Assistant Professor of Early, Middle & Exceptional Education 
  • Jim Lee, Faculty Instructor of Business 
  • Jorge Santiago, Talent Search Academic Caseworker 
  • Dr. Leslie Gates, Professor of Art Education and Undergraduate and Graduate Coordinator of Art Education 
  • Dr. Mary Beth Williams, Vice President for Student Affairs 
  • Dr. Sarah Brooks, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Professional Development Schools 

Millersville University was rewarded with a certificate of appreciation, recognizing the hard work each employee put into inspiring students in “financial literacy, career readiness and entrepreneurship.” 

“Volunteering with Junior Achievement, or one of the many other organizations our employees serve, connects personal interests of our team members to the overarching values of our workplace, ultimately benefitting the communities in which we live,” says Wendy Bowersox, employee engagement specialist and interim Title IX coordinator at Millersville University. 

Employees recall their experiences and how it benefits the students. 

“These students get really excited to talk to adults who might be in the career they are considering,” says Alison Hutchinson, a registrar at Millersville. “They love hearing about college as an option. They absolutely know the value of a skilled trade, and competition for spots in our career and technology programs in Lancaster County is fierce. They know that they can make a good living a variety of ways.” 

Most Millersville volunteers start their work in a familiar place: their own child’s classroom, others choose to work at the school closest to their home or at a school they attended. 

“I had the opportunity to go back into my own middle school in the Pequea Valley School District to do the career clusters module,” says Hutchinson. “So, when I said to the classroom, ‘When I sat where you are sitting,’ I really meant it!” 

“As educators and higher education professionals, we have the best information about careers that require a 4-year degree or more,” says Hutchinson. “We not only know about our discipline area, we know about all of the directions our grads might pursue. It’s pretty easy to start with your own child’s school, or the school closest to your home, and it is a nice short-term volunteer commitment of a few hours. It’s also a great way to show that Millersville cares about our local community.” 

As a result of this successful year volunteering, the team in MU’s Career Center will strive to increase the number of volunteers for Junior Achievement in the coming years to ensure each student is prepared for their future. 

“It takes a lot of volunteers to make Junior Achievement happen,” says Hutchinson. 

Employees interested in volunteering for Junior Achievement should email the Career Center at MU at for volunteer opportunities. 

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