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Bringing International Students to MU

Immersion in a new culture introduces students to new perspectives and experiences required for an increasingly global workforce.

Pursuing a degree overseas is one of the most important decisions a student can ever make. Immersion in a new culture introduces students to new perspectives, ways of thinking and experiences that can be the basis for building the global skillset required for an increasingly global workforce. That is why Anna Bradford, associate director of International Admissions and co-chair of StudyPA, works with international students from other countries to bring them to MU.

Photo of Anna Bradford, associate director of International Admissions and co-chair of StudyPA
Anna Bradford, associate director of International Admissions and co-chair of StudyPA.

StudyPA is an organization that helps to brand, market and grow PA as a desirable location for international students. Sponsored by U.S. Commercial Services, StudyPA has support from the government to see education be promoted and grow in the United States.

Bradford explains that many universities, including MU, use StudyPA as a place to reach international students. “Universities participate as it is a platform to better promote their institution internationally, collaborate with peers at other institutions for events and expand their professional network.”

As Bradford is the co-chair of StudyPA, her work is very beneficial to the University. Throughout her time with the organization, Bradford has attended conferences to promote MU as a destination for international students. “In May 2023, I represented MU and StudyPA at the “Study in the USA” pavilion. NAFSA is the largest professional education network in the world and typically brings over 9,500 higher education professionals from over 100 nations together for one week.”

“Following NAFSA, Millersville was able to host six Education USA advisors from Germany, the United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Syria, Hungary and Montenegro on our campus. Millersville was the first location these advisors visited before going to Temple and Weidner Universities,” Bradford explains.

Dr. Charity Alinda, MU’s associate director of International Student and Scholar Services, explains the importance of having international students on campus, emphasizing Bradford’s work. “International students play a vital role in promoting cultural diversity and enhancing the overall campus experience. They bring unique perspectives, traditions and languages that expose domestic peers to a wide range of ideas and values. Also, interacting with international students helps foster interpersonal skills such as tolerance and empathy, which are crucial for a globalized world.”

Yi Wang, an international student from Harbin, China, adds to Alinda’s statement explaining how she benefited from studying abroad. “My two years at Millersville gave me the most valuable experience of my life. I have gained incredible friendships and invaluable professional experiences here that will be irreplaceable in my future life and career.”

Overall, Bradford emphasizes that her work to bring international students to MU is met with the support of the campus community, ensuring that each student feels welcome. “It takes a great deal of courage to leave everything you have ever known to pursue a dream across the globe. While some days are easier than others, sharing an extra smile, taking the time to check in or asking a question of genuine interest about someone’s home nation or food can be all it takes to ensure our international students know they are a vital part of our campus community.”

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