Monday, April 15th, 2024

Entomology Club: Bringing the Excitement of Bugs to Life

In addition to keeping beehives, the club organizes numerous outdoor and bug-related activities.

The Entomology Club at Millersville University experienced leadership transitions over the past year. Upon assuming the role of president last fall, senior Kennedy Ressler faced the task of reinvigorating the club. 

“When I took over the club last fall the beehives were in pretty bad shape,” says Ressler. “We were under the impression that the bees inside were dead. Much to our surprise, when we opened the hives, they were full of live bees!” 

A closer look at the club’s beehives.

Unfortunately, the bee colonies lacked sufficient frames for honey collection, necessitating the addition of more frames. This year, the club prioritized the rehabilitation of the hives. If everything progresses as intended, the hives may become productive enough for the club to host a honey sale in the fall. 

“The beehives are solely maintained by our club,” says Ressler. “In addition to that, Millersville University is a monarch butterfly waystation, and we make part of our job to keep a pollinator garden on campus to maintain the University as a haven for the monarch butterfly.” 

Additionally, the club curates a significant pinned insect collection, comprising approximately 1000 preserved specimens displayed in cases. They are currently engaged in cataloging these insects to discern the composition of the collection.  

The club frequently organizes night hikes in collaboration with the Conestoga Outdoors Club, using flashlights to attract diverse insects. Additionally, they hold bi-weekly meetings where members share research findings, local community beekeepers discuss their experiences and participants engage in entomology and beekeeping activities, including video screenings. Furthermore, they have plans for an upcoming trip to the Smithsonian with the Biology Club later this semester. 

“I would like people to know that this club is open to all, not just biology or science majors,” says Ressler. “We are just people who like to talk about bugs and do beekeeping.” 

For more information about the Entomology Club, visit MU Clubs. 

You can also follow the club on Instagram. 

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