Tuesday, April 16th, 2024

Nick Merrigan: Inspired to Serve

Nick Merrigan, a junior at MU and student veteran, finds ways to give back to his community through the Veterans Resource Center.

Serving in the United States military is a path many young adults take even when attending college, and the experiences gained can open up many doors for future opportunities. For Nick Merrigan, a junior construction management major and student veteran, the military has allowed him to give back to his community by working in the Veterans Resource Center at Millersville University.    

The Veterans Resource Center, also known as the VRC, is an on-campus center for student veterans to find support, a quiet study place or to feel an overall sense of community. Their mission is to support, engage and retain veteran and military students at MU. 

Nick Merrigan

Merrigan, an Army active-duty veteran and currently serving in the Army Reserves, explains why he decided to work for the VRC. “I took on this role to help in any way I can. One main problem I come across are benefits. Veterans are eligible for benefits due to their service, but sometimes getting those benefits can be a pain. As a recipient of the GI Bill, helping others get set up is pertinent to their educational careers.”  

Nick Merrigan’s father, MU alumnus and veteran Dennis Merrigan

Not only is Merrigan a veteran, but so is his father, Dennis Merrigan, who is also an MU alumnus. His father’s service inspired him to also enlist in the Army. “My dad was a huge inspiration for my role as a soldier and as a veteran. He served his time as a tank crewmember; I also enlisted as a tank operator in 2018.”  

As a new worker for the VRC, Merrigan is helping to update the center to better support student veterans. “We are currently re-structuring the VRC to best accommodate student vets with any resources they may need, or just a relaxing spot for them to stop by.” 

Overall, Merrigan hopes to continue supporting any veteran who walks into the VRC. “I hope to help every veteran with any issue they might come across. Seeing veterans’ tasks fulfilled is easily my favorite part of the job.”   

For more info on Dennis Merrigan: https://blogs.millersville.edu/news/2024/01/10/responding-to-emergencies/ 

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