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State of the Art Consoles from Clair Global

Clair Global, a leading international provider of live audio equipment, recently delivered three state-of-the-art consoles to Millersville.

Clair Global, a leading international provider of live audio equipment, recently delivered three state-of-the-art consoles to Millersville University. These high-end consoles will be on loan for a month, further strengthening the deep partnership between Millersville and Clair Global.

Clair Global and Millersville University have a partnership that allows their consoles to be on loan for very short periods to further student learning.

The arrival of these consoles brings incredible opportunities for Millersville University students. The Tell School of Music school is dedicated to providing its students with cutting-edge resources, and this opportunity is a testament to that commitment.

“It signifies a significant milestone for the Music Industry program and its concentration in Live Audio, and it showcases our faculty’s commitment to cultivating a dynamic and innovative learning environment that offers exceptional professional and career preparation for our students,” says Dr. Ieva Zake, the dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

These consoles on loan from Clair Global, Digico SD12, Digico Q225 and Digico SD5Q are renowned for their exceptional quality, versatility and advanced features. Millersville University helps ensure its graduates are a cut above others when entering the competitive and growing audio production and engineering field by offering students the chance to work with this industry-grade equipment.

“These consoles are some of the top consoles in the live audio field and are some of the most used consoles that Clair Global uses in their national and international touring shows,” says Dr.  Jennifer Jester, assistant professor of music business technology, instructor of tuba/euphonium and director of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Center. “Access to consoles is powerful as these are rare, and this provides a significant opportunity for our students to be exposed to this equipment for career preparation as part of their degree coursework.”

Jester, the Tell School of Music’s Live Audio program coordinator responsible for organizing this equipment loan from Clair, organized an overview session led by Millersville alumnus Sam Kelly. The session was an opportunity for live audio students to gain insights into the consoles’ functionalities and expand their knowledge in the field. Additionally, a workshop for orientation to the boards was held, specifically tailored for students who have completed the Live Audio 2 course.

“Students will use these in conjunction with Live Audio classes, and as part of special projects and independent study during the month,” says Jester.

This collaborative effort with Clair Global is a monumental step forward for Millersville University’s Tell School of Music.

“It firmly establishes our music industry program as a pioneer in live audio education,” says Dr. Houlahan, the Tell School of Music chair.


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