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Get Emergency Alerts From MU

There are multiple tools to keep the campus safe, including MU Alert, Emergency Blue Light Phones and LiveSafe.

Millersville University has consistently been ranked as a safe campus. There are multiple tools that students, faculty and staff can use to help stay safe, including MU Alert, Emergency Blue Light Phones
and LiveSafe. These tools provide overlapping layers of protection for students on and off campus.

MU Alert
If you want to get updates on emergencies, weather-related cancellations or delays at Millersville University, sign up for MU Alert. MU Alert is a system that allows University officials to quickly
communicate short emergency messages to a mass audience through text messages and emails.

Pete Anders, the chief of police at Millersville, commented on MU Alerts. “Students should sign up for MU Alert to receive timely notice by text and email of campus emergencies and school closings. For a sustained emergency or disaster, MU Alert is how we will push out our initial and follow-up communications to help our students stay safe and know when the event is over.”

Subscribe to MU alerts for free here.

Blue Light Phones
There are emergency phones located around campus, where users can speak directly with a Lancaster County 911 dispatcher who can radio University police, and/or our local ambulance and fire
services. The phones are geocoded with 911 so the dispatchers know your location. You can locate the phones by their bright blue lights.

Photo of person holding phone with LiveSafe app
The LiveSafe App for Millersville University is available for download.

The University also offers an app called LiveSafe, which connects students, faculty or staff, to campus police and other emergency services. LiveSafe can be used as a “mobile emergency phone” by opening the app to contact police and simply pressing the “Call 911” button if there is an emergency. For nonemergencies, the app allows you to connect with the University Police by text or phone call. You can share information and safety issues with police via text. The app has the ability for you to add multiple pictures, videos, and audio attachments and allows you to remain anonymous.

The LiveSafe app features StaySafe using GoSafe where you can use peer-to-peer location tracking to monitor your friends or family as they move towards their destination. Group chat and 911 are readily
available to remain in constant communication or alert authorities in emergency situations. You can also interact with the Safety Map to see where the latest campus incidents have occurred, emergency blue phone locations, and safe locations established by University Police.

“LiveSafe gives you fast access to safety resources, quick access to essential emergency information, telephone numbers, and campus resources. You can stay up to date and get important safety and push
notifications from University Police,” says Anders. “We also use it to notify students of uninvited guests on campus, which may help them avoid hearing hateful words that conflict with University values but are
protected in our public areas of campus.”

Mia Bertoldi, a Millersville sophomore student, shares her experience using the LiveSafe app, “I was not sure exactly what it was until someone parked in my assigned parking space. The LiveSafe app responded promptly and told me exactly what to do and how to avoid getting ticketed myself.” Bertoldi added, “If I needed help, I would have easy access to emergency resources. That makes me feel comfortable having a local option for safety.”

Recent examples of students using LiveSafe chat to contact police vary from parking concerns to reporting suspected crimes, to reporting concern of themselves or a friend struggling with mental health.
The text feature allows easy communication for our officers to engage with and help our students. Download the LiveSafe app in the Apple App Store or Google Play on your mobile device.

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