Saturday, June 22nd, 2024

#3: Lampire and Climavision Partnerships

At #3, MU takes a look at two important partnerships that will further learning opportunities for STEM students.

Our #3 story of the year highlights two corporate partnerships, which brought and will continue to bring exciting opportunities for Millersville’s STEM students.

Lampire Biological Laboratories

On March 31, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the partnership between MU and Lampire Biological Laboratories, an international biotech life science company that produces biological reagents used in the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. The ceremony celebrated the new Life Science incubator on Millersville’s campus, which will give students hands-on industry experience in the laboratory and access to jobs and internships.

The University was chosen for the partnership because of its location and access to the student and alums workforce. There will also be opportunities for Millersville’s biology, chemistry and biochemistry faculty to collaborate with Lampire scientists on education programming, such as guest lectures, site visits and colloquium talks.

The new weather radar system is located on top of the water tower on campus


In June, a partnership between Millersville and Climavision saw a new weather radar system installed on campus. This is the first partnership of its kind between Climavision and a university, which the University celebrated with a ceremony at Caputo Hall on August 29.

The new weather radar system is the first X-band weather surveillance radar in the Lower Susquehanna Valley, filling in the gaps not covered by current radar systems. This information will help improve forecasts for areas like Lancaster County that may be prone to hazardous weather and will also help improve emergency planning and preparedness for the area.

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