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#10: Conferences

Our first Top 10 Story of 2023 highlights conferences at MU.

2023 was a busy year for the ‘Ville! We’ll be counting down the top 10 stories for the University, starting with some of the many conferences Millersville hosted the past year:

#10: Conferences

Zero Hunger – Fighting Food Insecurity Regionally

To help find and discuss solutions to the problems posed by food insecurity, MU hosted the “Zero Hunger – Fighting Food Insecurity Regionally” conference at the Ware Center in May.

The conference was aligned with the 17 global goals for sustainable development and Millersville University’s commitment to sustainability.

Holocaust Conference

The 38th Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide took place in April focused on the theme of “Never Again? Genocide in the 21st Century.” Dr. Norman Naimark, an internationally known scholar on genocide, an East European Studies professor at Stanford University and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, presented the keynote speech. Much of the conference discussed the war in Ukraine.

Launch Music Conference

2023 was the 15th year for LAUNCH, a three-day event in April that serves as a music festival and a networking opportunity for its musicians. LAUNCH is an annual event that allows up-and-coming musicians to perform and meet new peers.

Ashley Macharelli, a music industry major with a concentration in management, served as the student liaison for LAUNCH. In this position, she learned how to organize and manage staff, and was able to work with industry professionals.

The Learning Institute’s Global Well-Being Conference

The Learning Institute’s 10th Annual Global Well-Being Conference was held over three days in April at the Ware Center. This year’s theme was “Global Connectedness: Achieving Sustainable Change in an Evolving World.”

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