Friday, June 14th, 2024

Lifesaving NARCAN® Trainings on Campus

In response to the growing concern of opioid overdoses, Millersville University is making Narcan available on campus.

In response to the growing concern of opioid overdoses, Millersville University implemented preventative safety measures around campus. According to the 911 calls, 1,682 suspected overdoses were reported in 2022. NARCAN® (Naloxone HCl) Nasal Spray is an emergency treatment of possible opioid overdoses that, if administered immediately, temporarily reverses opioid overdoses. NARCAN® does not replace medical attention. In case of an opioid emergency, call 911. An upcoming NARCAN ® training session for Millersville students, faculty and staff, is scheduled for Tuesday, December 5, from 9-10 a.m. in room 24 of the Student Memorial Center.

To prioritize the health and safety of its students, Millersville partnered with Lancaster Joining Forces to set up emergency NARCAN® boxes near every AED station on campus. NARCAN® sprays are also available for free at the Cumberland House and Health Services in the Witmer Building. During this fall semester, multiple NARCAN® training courses were conducted on campus, led by Blueprints Recovery, to teach students, staff and faculty how to administer the medication to a person suspected of overdosing.

Margaret Thorwart, director of the Center of Health Education and Promotion, urges Millersville students to attend an upcoming winter or spring NARCAN® training. “Come learn about what NARCAN® is, how to use it, and leave with a free NARCAN® kit. Blueprints Recovery is coming to campus to host NARCAN® training open to all students, faculty and staff. You will learn about opioid abuse and trends and understand/debunk the negative stigma surrounding NARCAN® accessibility. You will leave prepared to handle an opioid overdose emergency. NARCAN® Kits include two doses of Naloxone, gloves, CPR shield, instructions on how to use and support services/resources.” More NARCAN® training will occur monthly in the spring ’24 semester.

The contents of the NARCAN® Kits laid out on a couch. It includes two doses of Naloxone, gloves, CPR shield, instructions on how to use and support services/resources

When asked why attending NARCAN® training is essential for Millersville students, Thorwart responds that, “The Millersville University Alcohol and Other Drug Task Force seeks to lead a movement at MU to provide knowledge and training regarding Naloxone as well as make NARCAN® widely accessible in case of emergency. Through the initiative, MU also seeks to provide comprehensive prevention education regarding the overdose crisis, the influx of fentanyl and how to prevent overdose. Naloxone is not intended just for law enforcement or first responders, but for anyone who knows someone who uses prescription or illicit opioids and members of the community who can act as bystanders if an overdose event were to occur.” Millersville is taking preventative measures, equipping its students, staff and faculty with the tools to combat the opioid and Fentanyl crisis.

Spring NARCAN® training dates are soon to be announced. Learn more through Millersville’s Center for Health Education and Promotion:

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