Tuesday, July 16th, 2024

New Robotics WorX Program

The new Robotics WorX Program at MU will advance the Automation and Manufacturing Industry.

Want to learn more about the robotics world? High school and college students interested in robotics now have the opportunity to gain experience in an internship thanks to a $75k grant awarded to Precision Cobotics, Inc. and Millersville University’s Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology department.

The grant, provided by the Lancaster STEM Alliance, provides support for the  Workforce Development & Career Exploration in Robotics Engineering (Robotics WorX) program – a partnership between Precision Cobotics and AEST. It will provide internships for students in local high schools and at Millersville.

Dr. John Haughery, assistant professor of Automation & Electric Technologies and the program coordinator of Automation & Robotics Engineering Technology at MU, explains what the program entails. “The Robotics WorX program brings together Lancaster area high school partners, workforce development agencies, the University and private industry partner of Precision Cobotics for an innovative internship/mentorship program for high school and university students. Precision Cobotics will work with and guide student interns towards proof-of-concept solutions that will be realized in a newly outfitted robotics Solutions Lab at Millersville University.”

The program aims to:

  1. Provide high school and university students with hands-on experience solving real-world manufacturing problems via the application of state-of-the-art robotic and automated technologies.
  2. Offer participants professional development, applied research & development, and mentorship opportunities.
  3. Form strong public/private partnerships across the robotics and automation pipeline to continue to develop a diverse, engaged, and competent workforce into subsequent years through continued program offerings.

The grant money will be used to ensure the program has all the materials needed for student success including lab supervision, robotic hardware/software like 2D & 3D vision system hardware/software, artificially intelligent image process software and material presentation hardware.

John Bridgen, director of Customer Satisfaction and Co-Worker Advancement at Precision Cobotics, understands the importance of the manufacturing industry and sees how the grant for Robotics WorX will help advance the industry. “The opportunity for students in manufacturing has never been brighter. The recent onshoring trend to secure the U.S. supply chain combined with advancements in automation technology has made this an exciting and stable career path that many don’t consider.”

“To raise awareness and pave the way for success in this exciting industry, Millersville University, Precision Cobotics and the Lancaster STEM Alliance are excited for the Robotics WorX program to provide tangible, local-level impacts that are expected to support a stronger, more diverse, and technically skilled workforce ready to tackle the challenges of the manufacturing industry,” Bridgen says.

Haughery says the grant will support students and their careers after graduation. “With the U.S. manufacturing workforce shrinking, this grant will enable Millersville University and Precision Cobotics to provide experiences for a cohort of the next generation STEM workforce that will hone their technical skills, critical thinking and career aspirations. Additionally, the grant will provide post-secondary degree options and access to job opportunities with regional manufacturers and engineering firms.”

While we are looking to expand this list, the current high school partners include:

  • Pequea Valley
  • Ephrata
  • Garden Spot
  • Conestoga Valley
  • Manheim Township
  • Columbia

The workforce development agencies include:

  • Workforce Development Board
  • Careerlink
  • Career Ready Lancaster!

MU students and area high schools with STEM students or teachers who are interested in joining the program can contact Precision Cobotics Human Resources.  HR@precisioncobotics.com

For more information on Precision Cobotics: https://www.precisioncobotics.com/ and for information on the Millersville Automation program visit: https://www.millersville.edu/aest/degrees/more/aret-req.php




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