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Visit the MU Costume Shop this Halloween

MU’s costume shop has thousands of costumes to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a Barbie or Ken costume or maybe a M3gan jumper or even a ghost or goblin outfit, Millersville University’s Costume Shop has a Halloween costume for you.

The costume shop is open, just in time for your Halloween needs, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Located on campus in Jefferson Hall, the stop is home to a wide variety of over 25,000 costumes.

The University acquired a collection of over 10,000 costumes from Jean Loeb, a veteran costumer who often helped with theater productions. In 1982, Loeb donated her collection to the University, which has been renting costumes to productions both local and national ever since.

The Costume Shop has thousands of outfits.

In addition to renting some pieces for on-campus productions to the community, the shop has had some further outreach as well. Over the summer, they outfitted The People’s Shakespeare Project for the Italian Festival in Lititz, PA. They’ve also rented some costumes for opera productions, including Penn Square Opera and an opera production at the University of Connecticut.

The shop is run by director Priscilla Kaufhold, who finds enjoyment in helping her customers take their time looking through the large selection and finding which pieces work best for their specific needs. Each item in the shop can be customized to suit the costumers’ needs, including any necessary alterations.

“It’s fun because people come in with a problem, like something’s not quite the right color, size, or they’re not quite sure what they’re looking for,” Kaufhold says. “Then you get to fix it, and in the end, you’ve created something new. The costumers are so appreciative.”

Kaufhold encourages those who are interested in renting a costume to visit the shop to try things on and really browse the pieces available. She notes that the personal attention each customer gets adds to the fun experience of putting together the ideal costume.

“It brings out things in people, it brings them outside of their norm when they can look through and try things on,” says Kaufhold. “They can play, and they can be creative where they might not get to be otherwise.”

There are plenty of period-accurate costumes from the Renaissance, Colonial and Victorian Eras, vintage pieces from different decades, animal costumes and much more.

And for those who are looking to recreate a ‘Barbie’ look this Halloween, the costume shop has plenty of pink!

Those interested in learning more or renting a costume can visit the shop during those hours or reach out for more information by calling (717) 871-5653 or emailing

Volunteers Wanted
The Costume Shop is currently looking for volunteers, including interested Millersville University students. If interested, please email to learn more.


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