Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Saving Students Money

Starting with the fall 2024 semester, all in-state undergraduate students will pay a flat tuition.

To reduce costs for Millersville University students and their families, the University will eliminate the per-credit tuition model. The Board of Governors approved the move on Sept. 8, 2023, after the Council of Trustees approved the change on March 22, 2023. The change means that starting with the fall 2024 semester, all in-state undergraduate students will pay a flat tuition. The tuition cost will be the same for students taking between 12 and 18 credits.

“This move will help our students and their families struggling with the rising cost of living,” says Dr. Daniel A. Wubah, president of Millersville University. “Going back to a flat rate tuition model will allow our students to take up to 18 credits per semester at the cost of 12. By taking 15 credits every semester, students can graduate in 4 years. This move will make us more competitive to recruit new students and retain current students.”

In addition to moving to a flat-rate tuition model, Millersville University will continue to increase the amount of financial aid available for students. The “Imagine the Possible” campaign, which raised more than $110 M, established 230 new scholarship funds that provide about $2 million in annual awards. The University also gives substantial institutional aid to students.

Millersville, like many universities within the PASSHE system, moved to a per-credit model in 2014. The current cost for tuition is $319 per credit hour, equating to $9,570 per year if a student takes 15 credit hours. The Board of Governors sets tuition, which is currently at the flat rate of $7,716 per year for 12 – 18 credits for in-state undergraduate students.

Tuition for undergraduate non-Pennsylvania residents at Millersville will continue to be charged on a flat-rate basis. Some out-of-state students may qualify for reduced tuition depending on their academic major and qualifications.

Millersville’s preliminary headcount (numbers will be finalized on Oct. 9) for the fall semester is 6,836, comprising 5,842 undergraduates and 994 graduate students. The University expects this move to help increase enrollment for both undergraduate and graduate-level students, thus helping to meet the needs of the local workforce.

“The new, competitive tuition at Millersville University gives us another important tool to support student access,” says Dr. Douglas Zander, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management at Millersville. “We are a highly regarded public university offering top-notch academics, all on a beautiful 250-acre campus in idyllic Lancaster County. The flat-rate tuition, combined with hundreds of scholarships and financial aid packages, will make this great experience possible for even more students.”


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