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MU Alumna Creates a Lovely Series about Rom-Coms

From starting a podcast to getting picked up a TV show, Jennifer Silliman has learned a thing or two life on and behind the camera.

Jennifer Silliman graduated from Millersville University in 2002 with a degree in speech communication and a concentration in broadcasting. Now, her degree is put to good use by creating her very own series “Hearts of Stars,” which she hosts and produces.

Hearts of Stars” began as a podcast about romantic comedy films, where Silliman would interview actors and actresses who star in them. After being picked up by Reveel, a free streaming network, “Hearts of Stars” is now an on-location show where the audience can watch Silliman interview the celebrities and get to know them for more than just their films.

“I started the podcast because I really wanted to get to know these rom-com stars outside of their on-screen performances,” Silliman explains. “Most of the interviews I found were about their films, but I wanted to know more about them and their passions.”

Jennifer Silliman poses for a headshot.

Silliman says that it’s been exciting to have the opportunity to expand the show. “I remember the day I was offered the television show, and it was very surreal. It’s been a dream since I was little to have my own talk show, so I was thrilled. I wanted the show to be unique, so it was decided early on that it would be an on-location tv series that would film in the celebrity’s home.”

“This was a huge transition from my podcast,” she continues. “It’s easy to schedule a Zoom call and send a link, never needing to leave your home. It’s an entirely different ballgame to coordinate travel and a film production crew. I mean, this was a full-scale show with graphics and music. Thank goodness for my team!”

When filming a new season, Silliman explains that she can schedule filming around her family life. She’ll travel to a few locations with production lasting about three days, typically Friday through Sunday, and she’s back home by Monday.

“An average day while filming for a new season is still pretty average,” she says. “Our shoots last about 3 hours, so we’re in and out quickly. My crew and I have it down to a science. All the footage is then sent to my team at Reveel, who edit and produce the show.”

On set for Heart of Stars with Ryan McPartlin.

Some notable names Silliman has interviewed include Ryan Paevey, who was a series regular on “General Hospital” and has since starred in several Hallmark movies, and Cindy Busby, who along with several Hallmark credits has also guest starred in quite a few shows for the CW network.

Silliman says that her time at Millersville University helped prepare for her work on “Hearts of Stars.” In addition to her coursework, Silliman also gained plenty of experience working at WGAL-TV. She worked there from before her time at the University until she graduated and ultimately became a production assistant for the nationally syndicated show “Wild Moments.”

“My time at Millersville prepared me for this adventure in many ways,” Silliman says. “First, the hands-on experience that’s part of the broadcasting option was pivotal in understanding all the aspects of television and film production. Coincidently, I preferred being behind the camera, not in front of it, and that’s still true today. I’m a producer and director at heart.”

The best part of the show for Silliman is that it helps make her dreams come true. “The most rewarding part of this experience is just the literal fact that I’m living my dream. This is what I’ve wanted to do my entire life, so to be able to do this show the way I want to do this show has been a true blessing,” Silliman concludes.

“Now, the most exciting part is getting to know all the actors and actresses that I love watching on television and really becoming friends with them. I’ve been lucky enough to interview the nicest stars you’ll ever meet.”

As for her favorite rom-com? “‘He’s Just Not That Into You.’ A 2009 classic.”

“Hearts of Stars” is streaming exclusively on Reveel. For more information about the show, @HeartsofStarsTV is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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