Friday, July 19th, 2024
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MU Rats Seek New Homes

Looking to welcome a new furry friend into your home?

Looking to welcome a new furry friend into your home? The Department of Psychology at Millersville University currently has 12 rats up for adoption.

These female rats were subjects in a behavioral study during the 2023 spring semester and are now looking for a good home. They’re friendly and good-tempered, they’re of the Long-Evans strain and they are not spayed. Because rats are very social creatures, preference will be given to potential adopters who are willing to take in two or more rats, or those who already have rats at home.

Those who are interested should note the proper care and set-up that rats require. The psychology department has provided a webpage full of tips and tricks of rat care basics, including average costs of necessary materials and the importance of making sure the rats stay stimulated and socialized.

Some of these necessary arrangements include a cage large enough to accommodate the rats and give them space and exercise equipment, adequate pet bedding, an understanding of how to keep the rats clean and healthy, plenty of toys and more. Additionally, rats can be litter-trained with time and patience from the owner, so a litter box is also recommended.

Rats can also be trained to learn and respond to their names with little repetition. This can come in handy, as rats require about one hour of free-range play time outside of their cage each day. They will benefit greatly if their owner can provide this time to play with them. Because they are smart and curious critters, they’ll get bored easily without this mental stimulation.

If interested, make sure to read the webpage to understand everything that can help give these rats the best homes possible. Applications will be reviewed by the director of the Psychology Department Animal Laboratory. Each potential owner will be contacted after applications are reviewed, and from there they must provide a veterinary or other professional reference.

A link to the adoption form can be found here.

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