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Free Professional Clothes Available to MU Students

The Mission Thrift Shop serves students at 163 W Frederick St. in Millersville.

Finding affordable professional clothes can be difficult for many college students, especially as they are usually worn for a limited time. The campus community recognized this issue and created the Campus Closet, now merged with the Mission Thrift Shop, where students can find professional attire at no cost to wear to interviews and internships.

Vikki Weber, the Assistant Director of the HUB, explains how the shop came to be. “The Campus Closet began in the MU Social Work department storage closet. Professional clothing items were collected by a few staff for those students who needed additional attire for internships or job interviews. Storage became increasingly more challenging, so the Social Work department staff turned to The HUB as an option for continuing to meet this need.”

The Mission Thrift Shop, where students can find professional attire and accessories at no cost to wear to interviews and internships.

Recently, The HUB and the Mission Thrift Shop, directed by Barb Slagle and Mary Burger, merged to provide more resources to students. “In the summer of 2022, The HUB saw an opportunity to expand the number of resources available to MU students by merging efforts with The Mission Thrift Shop, an existing shop already functioning for clothing distribution, that is also willing to serve the needs of MU students. This partnership allows community members to give donations, allows MU students to receive a wider variety of sizes and choices and brings the opportunity to volunteer at The Thrift Shop as a way to keep this resource going,” Weber explains.

The staff at The HUB and the Thrift Shop acknowledges the many struggles students face during their time in college, which is why Weber believes this type of help is important. “Simply put, we care. We care about the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs of MU students. Many are overwhelmed in one or more of these areas. Providing relief in this area of clothing needs allows students to prioritize and focus their financial choices on housing and tuition, transportation and other needs. This is a tangible way to impact those other areas of their lives.”

Weber is confident the Thrift Shop will be able to bring much relief to students and encourages others to donate as well, “The HUB and Mission Thrift Shop seek to bring relief in the area of attire needs. Interviews and internships require attire that students might not have and may only need for a short period of time. Through the generosity of those leading these efforts, students can obtain gift cards at no cost to them and shop as needed with no questions asked. And students may donate items of their own that they no longer need as well. It all comes full circle to support each other in a time of need,” Weber says.

The Mission Thrift Shop is located at 163 W Frederick St. in the back area of the parking lot of Millersville Community Church.

Gift cards are available at The HUB. Ask for them from The HUB Director, Jacob Marino or Assistant Director, Vicki Weber. Present the gift card to the Thrift Shop staff for the desired items. There are no requirements for receiving a gift card.

Shop Hours (including the summer)

  • Tuesday: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Thursday: 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Saturday (1st & 3rd): 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Clothing donations can be made directly to The Thrift Shop at their shop location on 163 W Frederick St., preferably during open hours so that they can be processed properly. They receive most anything, from clothing to household goods. Refrain from donating stained, torn, damaged or broken clothing and items.

Interested in volunteering? The Thrift Shop staff is always in need of volunteers to help sort clothing and assist with various tasks. If an MU student or community member would like to volunteer, please contact the staff and schedule a time.


  • Thrift Shop Directors: Barb Slagle & Mary Burger
  • Thrift Shop Phone: 717-872-4571
  • Gift Card Contact: Jacob Marino ( or Vicki Weber (


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