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Achieving Sustainable Change

This year’s theme is “Global Connectedness: Achieving Sustainable Change in an Evolving World.”

The Learning Institute’s 10th Annual Global Well-Being Conference will be held over three days from April 20-22 at the Ware Center. This year’s theme is “Global Connectedness: Achieving Sustainable Change in an Evolving World.” General in-person registration is $60, general virtual attendance is $40, external students’ registration is $10 and MU students’ registration is free.

“We hope that individuals globally and in the local community will leave with tangible action steps to promote change in all aspects of their world, advancing toward social equity and addressing climate change. We encourage everyone in the community to participate in the conference to better understand culturally responsive practices,” says Heather Strohman, field director for the School of Social Work at Millersville University.

The conference will focus on using the social justice advocacy theoretical approach to enhance our global connectedness as we navigate an evolving world. Global connectedness ensures our awareness of the wider world, sense of our own role as a world citizen, respect and value for diversity and engagement in intergroup dialogue and cultural humility.

In collaboration with various departments and offices at Millersville University, The Learning Institute provides a platform from which experts from various disciplines share their knowledge and offer training for agents of social change. Each year, The Learning Institute hosts events that center on examining social, economic and environmental injustices and human rights violations with intentional dialogue on ways to foster positive social change.

The conference events will be held over three days from April 20-22:

Thursday, April 20: The conference events will start with the showing of the documentary “This Changes Everything.”

Friday, April 21: The conference will have a full day of presentations
and discussions on topics relating to the Sustainable Development Goals.
The Learning Institute partnered with The Climate Summit and Social Justice Summit for Educators/PA NAME

Saturday April 22: Global Well-Being and Social Change Conference will be collaborating with the 2023 Lancaster County Climate Summit and PA NAME/Social Justice Summit for Educators

“We appreciate our collaborators and sponsors. With their help, we can offer the conference for free to Millersville University students and at a very low cost to all students outside of Millersville. We encourage students to attend the events to foster growth in their current and future practices,” says Strohman.

Professionals attending the events may receive up to 18 CEU and/or ACT 48 credits for one low cost.

To register for the conference, visit Global Well-Being Conference.

For more information about the Learning Institute, visit MU Learning Institute.







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