Tuesday, May 21st, 2024
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Incubator Will Bring Jobs to Millersville Students/Alums

Millersville is pleased to partner with Lampire Biological Laboratories on this first-of-its-kind partnership.

Millersville University and Lampire Biological Laboratories have signed an agreement for a Life Science incubator on Millersville’s campus to give students hands-on industry experience in the laboratory and access to jobs and internships. A ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the partnership was held on Friday, March 31, in Caputo Hall on Millersville’s campus.

Lampire is a privately held international biotech life science company that produces biological reagents used in the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, the company is active in the community, supporting life science education programs and workforce development at both the local and state level.

“Millersville is pleased to partner with Lampire Biological Laboratories on this first-of-its-kind partnership that will give our students fabulous opportunities to assist with real-life projects in the lab and also lead to jobs for our students and alumni,” says Dr. Daniel A. Wubah, president of Millersville University. “Since our first meeting with Lampire, this partnership has been reflective of our EPPIIC values and mission, notably Exploration and Public Mission.”

Dr. Donna Cartledge-Wolf and her lab technicians are already working in a dedicated lab on campus. Two students have been selected as interns to assist with Lampire’s work.

“At Lampire, we believe collaboration is key in the life sciences industry, and our partnership with Millersville University is a prime example,” said Gregory F. Krug, President of Lampire Biological Laboratories. “We are excited to work with the talented faculty, staff and students at Millersville to foster the next generation of scientists and advance the industry as a whole.”

There will also be opportunities for Millersville’s biology, chemistry and biochemistry faculty to collaborate with Lampire scientists on education programming, such as guest lectures, site visits and colloquium talks.

The Economic Development Company of Lancaster and Lisa Riggs were instrumental in bringing Millersville University and Lampire together. The University was chosen for the partnership because of its location and access to the student and alums workforce.

“From our first meeting last fall, it was clear to me and our faculty that the Lampire Leadership team could be a special partnership that creates incredible educational opportunities for MU students,” says Dr. Marc Harris, dean of the College of Science and Technology at Millersville. “Lampire has a core value of generational educational development in life sciences, which resonates with their team.”

At least one Lampire employee is knowledgeable about Millersville’s campus. Their Vice President of Operations and Quality, Gary Klinger, is a ‘96 alum of the biology department at Millersville.

“As an alumnus of Millersville University, I am extremely proud of the partnership between Lampire Biological Laboratories and my alma mater,” says Klinger. “This collaboration presents a unique opportunity for us to combine our industry expertise with the cutting-edge research and development happening at the university. I am excited to see how this partnership will drive innovation and make a positive impact in the scientific community.”

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