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‘Ville Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day from the ‘Ville.

Many students at Millersville University find themselves forming life-long relationships, both platonically and romantically. Since love is in the air at the ‘Ville, here are a few stories of students and alumni who met their significant others right on MU’s campus.

Matthew and Justine (Schroeder) Reid
Matthew Reid and Justine (Schroeder) Reid ‘07 met through mutual friends at the beginning of their junior year. Justine played lacrosse during her time at MU, and one of her teammates knew Matthew’s roommate and fellow football player.

Matthew proposed to Justine on the 50-yard line in Biemesderfer Stadium.

In 2005, Matthew was injured while playing football and left MU after junior year to join the United States Navy while Justine continued her studies. During the spring semester of her senior year, Matthew flew in from California to surprise her after one of her lacrosse games. Matthew proposed to Justine on the 50-yard line in Biemesderfer Stadium, and the two were engaged on April 6, 2006.

Justine graduated with a bachelor’s in elementary education and a minor in athletic coaching, and Matthew continues to serve in the military, now in the reserves. Justine and Matthew now live in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, with their three sons, ages nine, seven and five, and their two dogs. Their love for athletics continues, as their boys play football, soccer, basketball and baseball. Matthew and Justine coach them as much as they can. They will celebrate 15 years of marriage this year in June!

Max and Jenna Zeuner
Jenna ‘19 and Max Zeuner ‘20 met at Millersville in 2015. While Jenna was majoring in social work and Max was majoring in music business technology, they got to know each other as members of the MU marching band. They dated their entire time at MU, with Jenna in the color guard and Max in the drumline.

They were engaged in the winter of 2019 and married in the fall of 2020. They just welcomed their first child, a little girl, earlier this month and have been together for seven and a half years. Jenna is happy to say, “We are so grateful we met at the ‘Ville!”

Gage Staub and Daysha Sellers
Daysha Sellers ‘25, a current psychology major, met sport medicine major Gage Staub ‘25 during move-in day at their residential floor meeting. “I thought he was so cute; I couldn’t stop staring!” Sellers said. They connected on social media, but their first face-to-face interaction was at a party.

They ended up walking back to their respective dorms together. Once they were back, they realized they had actually lived across the hall from each other the whole time. “Since then, we’ve kind of been inseparable,” Sellers says. “We’ve been dating for a year and a half now!”


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