Wednesday, June 19th, 2024

New Student-Centered Apple Pilot Project

Seven Apple Educator-certified faculty have developed educational and classroom skills to support the use of iPad classrooms.

The Vilas A. Prabhu Center for Academic Excellence is supporting faculty through a new initiative called the Apple Pilot Project. Seven Apple Educator-certified faculty developed educational and classroom skills to support the use of iPad classrooms for the current spring 2023 semester. This pilot is the first step toward the use of iPads in the classroom and technology-enhanced face-to-face classes with the goal of improving student learning and engagement. Initially, nine sections will be taught with student access to iPads in the classroom, and two McNairy librarians will work with student iPads during library instruction sessions.

“Technology-supported student learning can improve student learning in the classroom and can increase student engagement. As we shift toward adopting Open Educational Resources and other digital resources, the iPads also serve as the mechanism for interacting with course materials,” says Dr. A Nicole Pfannenstiel, associate professor of English & World Languages and coordinator of the Center for Academic Excellence.

This semester, Dr. Dan Albert is teaching CHEM 112: Chemistry 2 recitation, Dr. Nivedita Bagchi is teaching GOVT 231: Intro to Political Theory, Dr. Aileen Hower is teaching ERCH 422: Teaching Literacy PreK-4, Dr. Nicole Pfannenstiel is teaching ENGL 110: English Composition and Dr. Michael Wismer is teaching MATH 107: Math Survey and MATH 204: Algebraic Foundations for Mid-Level Teachers. Additionally, faculty who regularly work with professor Auger and/or Santamaria can schedule library sessions with student iPads.

“While the faculty have thoughtfully approached technology integration to support student learning, this project would not be possible without the dedicated efforts of our IT team. We have had amazing support from Todd Echterling as we’ve learned to navigate the devices. He is instrumental in preparing the learning spaces and all the student devices. We are so thankful for his efforts,” says Pfannenstiel.

This project is also made possible by the faculty and staff of the Francine G. McNairy Library, who dedicated rooms and space resources to the Apple Project classes.

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