Sunday, April 14th, 2024

MU Alert: Stay in the Know

The MU Alert system will be tested the week of Jan. 23.

Winter weather is on its way, have you signed up for MU Alert? MU Alert keeps students, faculty and staff safe and in the know of weather-related cancellations or delays and of other emergencies on and near campus.

MU Alert is a system Millersville University uses to push out emergency text messages and email messages to people who sign up to receive these emergency messages.

Through MU Alert, University officials quickly communicate short emergency messages to a mass audience through text messages and emails.

Paul Hill, the University’s Safety Director, says “MU Alert is a means by which University Police and administration can make all subscribers aware of important information. This is not meant for general communications, but only for time-sensitive issues. These may be sent immediately and will alert users prior to any statements or instructions on social media, email or other means of communications.”

As seen in the past, MU Alert has been effective in communicating potential dangers with its subscribers, such as fires and dangerous road conditions around campus.

Currently, there are over 7,000 users subscribed to MU Alert.

To sign up for MU Alert, click here:

The MU Alert system will be tested the week of Jan. 23.


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