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MU Senior Selected for Inauguration Committee

Millersville senior, Ruby Mundok, has received recognition for her work for Students for Shapiro.

When Governor-Elect Josh Shapiro and Lieutenant Governor-Elect Austin Davis are sworn into office on January 17, 2023, it will be the culmination of months of hard work by members of his inauguration committee. That includes Millersville University senior Ruby Mundok.

“Honestly, I didn’t even know that this committee was a thing, but one afternoon Annie Newman, who is on Josh Shapiro’s digital team and who I had worked with, gave me a call and asked if I was interested in being a part of the committee,” says Mundok

Over the past six months, Mundok has been the chapter lead for Millersville Students for Shapiro, campaigning and working with students and the Josh Shapiro for Governor Campaign. She has received recognition for her work for Students for Shapiro, and even attended the election night watch party with Governor-Elect Shapiro and his team. Since then, his administration has invited her to serve on the Shapiro-Davis Inaugural Committee — in charge of planning and executing the inauguration in January 2023. Mundok is the only college student statewide to be invited to this prestigious committee, and she is addressed as “Millersville University Student.”

“Serving on this committee means the world to me. Like most college students, I struggle with imposter syndrome and wonder if the work I do is even good or worth my time. The fact that Shapiro and his team recognized that I was putting in hard work and liked the work and the results that I provided for them throughout the campaign is so special and meaningful,” says Mundok.

The committee is broken up into different subcommittees that focus on certain areas. Mundok serves on the Event Planning Subcommittee (which is working on planning the Inaugural Celebration Party), the Volunteer Recruitment Subcommittee (working on getting volunteers for the events), and she is leading the Gen-Z Student Outreach Committee with Shapiro’s daughter, Sophia, and High Schoolers for Shapiro director Izzy Salor. Mundok is one of only three gen-z members of the committee.

“I believe that my role on the committee is not only to help the group overall in planning an inclusive and successful inauguration but also to represent Gen-Z and the students of Pennsylvania and make sure our voices are heard,” says Mundok.

Along with working on the committee, Mundok is also working two jobs and took a class over winter break.

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