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The ‘Ville scored big at the East Coast TEECA Regional Conference.

The Millersville University Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association, also known as TEECA, scored big at the East Coast TEECA Regional Conference from Nov. 3 – 5 held in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The group placed in five contests, earning first, second, and third-place awards.  

TEECA is a professional organization dedicated to providing students with opportunities to strengthen their technology, engineering and educational skills. 

Twenty-five MU students had the opportunity to compete in a regional conference with the University’s TEECA chapter. They were accompanied by their advisors,  Drs. Sharon Brusic, Len Litowitz and Alex Johnson. The students competed against other Eastern seaboard universities at the conference to earn their placements.  

The contests they competed in included the Manufacturing Contest and Robotics Contest, where the MU teams placed first and the Transportation Contest and Communications Contest, where the MU teams placed second. Additionally, they competed in K-5 STEM Challenge, where MU placed third.  

Each contest required the students to complete different challenges, including producing a small dice holder, programming a robot to complete specific tasks, developing an activity for K-5 STEM students and more.  

Litowitz, professor and chair of the Department of Applied Engineering, Safety and Technology, says the students did a great job, “I’m proud of our team and that we had so much success, but I am most proud of their participation. We did not score in the top three in all contests, but all of the students enjoyed their respective contests and gave it their all.” 

Litowitz notes that the students gained various skills from the conference that will benefit them in their future careers, “Our students gained professionalism as the conference includes a job fair and a formal dinner with a guest speaker. They also gained the knowledge of the value of teamwork and were able to socialize in the field to learn about different programs and institutions.”  

Litowitz notes that the group had a great time attending the conference after being unable to during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Historically, this conference and the associated competitions were a highlight for students in our teacher preparation program. COVID-19 put a big dent in all that, and we could not attend the conference for the last two years. It was great to be back in Rehoboth competing again. The conference fosters a lot of camaraderie among the participating institutions and a good time was had by all.” 


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