Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

# 4 MU Receives Significant Grants

Our #4 story this year is all about grants that directly impact the educational experiences of Millersville students. We received a number of significant grants in 2022.

TRIO Talent Search Grant
Students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Central Pennsylvania will soon have the opportunity to attend college, thanks to a $1.3 million grant to Millersville University. The University was recently awarded the TRIO Talent Search grant from the Department of Education.

The program creates a unique opportunity for disadvantaged students who have the potential to succeed in higher education. It gives them a chance to attend or re-enter post-secondary education. Read more here.

NSF Grant Supports STEM
Thanks to a team of faculty members from Millersville University, the University received a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation. The award, Supporting Student Success: Improving Retention in STEM Fields by Implementing a Workforce Development Research Methods Program, aims to recruit, retain and graduate more academically talented students with financial need in STEM disciplines. Millersville was notified in the fall that the NSF had selected the University as an S-STEM site. Read more here. 

Romig Scholarship
Retired professor Jean Marie Romig started playing the violin in elementary school and never stopped playing and learning. She would later become a strings faculty member at Millersville University and her love of the violin and music will now benefit our students for years to come.

Romig, who played with the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra, retired from Millersville in 1994 and died last year at age 86. To honor her parents, she left the University $900,000 in her will for the “Jean M. Romig Violin and Viola Scholarship in memory of Karl and Pauline Romig.” The endowment will generate approximately $45,000 each year to be awarded to Millersville University students majoring in music education with demonstrated excellence in violin or viola. Read more here.

SEC Microscope
Thanks to a $287,234 grant from the National Science Foundation, Millersville University acquired a Scanning Electron Microscope. According to Dr. Maria Schiza, associate professor of chemistry, very few small companies or universities have easy access to electron microscopy, which makes this 12-foot by 6-foot microscope unique for the area. Read more here.

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