Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023
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Daniel Herr Earns Fourth Degree from MU 

On Dec. 11 Daniel Herr earned his third master’s degree.

Earning one degree is a major accomplishment. Earning four degrees is simply amazing. And that is exactly what Daniel Herr accomplished this month.

Herr has been a student at Millersville University for many years. He first earned his Bachelor of Science in Education in 2006. From there, he earned a Master of Education in Mathematics in 2010. Herr then went on to earn his second Master of Education in Leadership for Teaching & Learning in 2017. And, on Dec. 11 he earned his third Master of Education in Assessment, Curriculum & Teaching.

Herr views education as a challenge and credits Millersville for some of his own personal growth. “Millersville as an organization has challenged my way of thinking while promoting growth more than any other institution has.”

The University was able to accommodate Herr’s learning throughout his life changes too. “As life became more complicated when I became a dad, I really came to appreciate the flexibility of online education. Online education is ideal for someone who has a very busy schedule like myself.”

Herr decided to focus his studies on education. After completing his undergraduate degree, he was hired by a local school. There, he learned what it means to be a teacher. “As a teacher, we hold education and the pursuit of knowledge in very high accord,” he says. “I wanted to lead by example for my students’ sake, by pursuing more opportunities to grow as an educator.”

Many professors have mentored Herr over the years. “I was very blessed throughout my time at Millersville to have great professors who helped me along the way. Drs. Delray Schultz, Janet White, Tiffany Wright and Ollie Dreon have had huge impacts for me educationally.”






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