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2022 Midterm Elections: What Students Should Know 

The Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership has numerous resources for students to learn about and become more engaged in their government.

Dr. Laura Granruth

With the November election approaching quickly, Pennsylvania often garners media attention as a ‘swing state.’ This means that both the Republican and Democratic parties have similar support, making state and federal elections highly competitive. But what else should students know regarding the upcoming election? 

“Students may be getting tired of hearing about how important their vote is, but the only reason they are hearing it so often is that their vote truly is very important,” explains Dr. Laura Granruth, coordinator of Millersville’s Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership. “This is a very important opportunity for students to shape the future they want.” 

Granruth reports that Pennsylvania is significant in this midterm election, as current Governor Tom Wolf cannot run for a third term, and his seat will be open for a new nominee. There will also be an open seat in the federal Senate, currently held by retiring Republican Senator Pat Toomey.  

“This means that a Senate seat that is currently held by the Republicans could flip to the Democrats,” says Granruth. “Because the federal Senate is evenly divided, any seat that changes parties will have a big impact on the laws and policies that are made in the next few years.” 

There are many state-level races that could have an impact on laws and policies as well. Some of these issues include abortion, climate change, criminal justice, education, healthcare, LGBTQ+ rights, taxes and many more. Students should also note that their government representatives decide how much the state will contribute to their tuition costs.  

The Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership has numerous resources for students to learn about and become more engaged in their government. Beginning in the fall, the Center will have events to help students register to vote and help them understand how to submit their ballots.  

“We will have several large voter registration events,” Granruth says. “We hope to help students get to their polling place on November 8, and we will have an election night watch party.”  

“The Center can help students research the candidates who are running so that they can make an informed decision,” she adds. “It is incredibly important that students critically assess the candidates and trust the sources of information that they are accessing. It is too easy today for untrustworthy news items to be presented as trustworthy.” 

Civic Engagement Fellows
The Center is currently recruiting Civil Engagement Fellows for the 2022-23 academic year. Sophomores, juniors and seniors from all departments and majors are welcome to apply. Students can stay Fellows for several years, and as Fellows, they can build professional relationships and network.  

Fellows will also have access to events and trips, including a trip to Philadelphia to visit the National Constitution Center as well as other museums in the area, and a potential trip to Washington, D.C. next spring.  

For more information and to apply, visit 



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