Wednesday, July 24th, 2024

Senior Helps Launch Music Conference and Festival

‘Ville student took the lead on the photo/video team for the Launch Music Conference and Festival.

As a senior Media Arts Production major, Shae O’Brien spent the weekend of April 14-17 as the head of the photo/video team for Launch Music Conference and Festival in Lancaster city. Working the festival was part of an ongoing internship with CI Records, where O’Brien curated which artists would perform, organized merchandise and stages and created promotional videos. The internship provided not only school credits, but valuable work experience that will stay with O’Brien as she pursues a career in media.

The internship was recommended by O’Brien’s academic advisor, Dr. Stacey Irwin. While not a requirement to graduate, the internship allowed O’Brien to experience the music and media industry firsthand. Launch Music Conference was the right fit for a communications major looking to get into the music industry. O’Brien says, “I was their first non-music intern which was a bit of a learning curve as a media student. However, it was a fun work environment because I was well respected and treated. I felt free to ask any questions I had.”

O’Brien’s duties at the festival included recording videos of sets, managing her team of photographers as well as conducting interviews with artists and panelists. As a recent graduate, O’Brien plans to find employment in the music industry, “Internships provide students with a greater understanding of the type of work that they want to do. This one solidified my desire to want to be in the music industry in some capacity, primarily from the media perspective. I want to find a way to showcase musicians’ talents and tell their stories through a visual medium.

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