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Dr. Ann Gaudino is Passionate about Education

From starting journals and running conferences to being a club advisor, Dr. Ann Gaudino is passionate about education.

Dr. Ann Gaudino is an associate professor at Millersville University and coordinator of the doctoral program in Educational Leadership. She has been in the world of education for 32 years. We recently sat down with her to talk about her time at Millersville.

Tell us about your work at Millersville. 
I teach graduate courses in education and educational leadership.  My students are mostly school teachers studying to be school principals and school principals studying to be school district superintendents.

What did you do before you came to MU?
I served as a school teacher, principal, HR director and assistant superintendent.  I was also an Associate Professor at West Liberty University in West Virginia.

You’re the faculty co-chair for the Institutional Review Board at Millersville. Tell us briefly what the board does and how you work with the board. 
The Institutional Review Board oversees human subject research at the University. As faculty co-chair, I assist students and faculty with writing their research protocols, lead monthly committee meetings and help to ensure that human subject research at MU is in compliance with federal law.

As the MU Shares Meals Club advisor, what is the club’s goal? 
Share Meals is a free app that MU students can use to geolocate free meals at MU.  The goal of the Share Meals Club is to reduce food insecurity among MU students.

How can students get involved with the club? 
Start by downloading the free app at  If you have extra money on your meal plan, consider sharing a meal.  If you are having a free food event or have food remaining at the end of an event, use the app so students needing a meal can geolocate your event.   If you are a student who needs a meal, don’t hesitate to use the Share Meals app, Swipe Out Hunger or Campus Cupboard.  There is a lot of free/low-cost food available at MU. If you are interested in helping to lead Share Meals, drop me an email!

Tell us about the Conference on Education and Poverty and your involvement. 
I founded the Conference on Education and Poverty in 2017 to promote sharing information, practices, policies and research pertaining to working with students in poverty.  Each year, our graduate students in education and educational leadership representing 45 area school districts attend sessions and present their research at this conference.  They also attend keynote speeches by nationally renowned faculty.  In this way, they share ideas and take new approaches back to their schools to help children in poverty.

Tell us about the academic journal you founded. 
In 2012, I founded “The Excellence in Education Journal” (website: to promote scholarly writing about practices in the education of children and adults worldwide and to share this writing in a free, open-access, online journal format.  We have 20 reviewers in eight countries who double-blind, peer review submissions and there are approximately 15,000 downloads of our articles annually.  In 2019, the U.S. Department of Education awarded us a contract to list all past and future articles from our journal in their database – called ERIC.  In March 2022, EBSCOhost which is the largest database in the world also granted us a contract to include all of our articles.  It is great to see our authors receive this high level of recognition and for their work to be available on these platforms worldwide.

You are also director of the Symposium on Education Leadership; tell us about that. 
The Symposium on Educational Leadership focuses on topics pertinent to educational leadership in PK-12 schools and how school and district leaders can meet the needs of diverse learners. It features a keynote speaker or panel discussion on topics of interest to school leaders.  About 80 of our educational leadership master’s students, doctoral students, alumni and faculty attend and present sessions at this event annually.  In this way, our school leaders share ideas and develop new approaches to leading their schools.

With you being involved with so many things, what do you do for relaxation? 
I walk my dog, Betsie, every day.  She has a lot of energy which helps to keep us both in shape.  I also like to downhill ski, hike and watch Shark Tank on TV.

What’s the one message you would like to impart to the students you teach? 
As teachers and school leaders, you have a tremendous opportunity to shape the future.  Serve every child to the very best of your ability.

How do you stay motivated? 
I truly love teaching and working with school teachers and administrators.  Their dedication and the great work they do every day with children is really inspiring.

What’s a mantra that you live by?  
Esse Quam Videre which is Latin for To Be Rather Than To Seem.

Give us a fun fact about you.
During the pandemic, I started doing genealogy research online and was able to trace some of my family back to the 1500’s!


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