Thursday, April 18th, 2024
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MU Student Named a BET International Global Good Honoree 

A Millersville University student was named a BET International Global Good Honoree.   

Sitawa Wafula, a student at Millersville University, has already accomplished many things in her life: she’s a mental health advocate from Kenya who created the country’s first-ever free mental health hotline, spoke at the UN General Assembly and even gave a TedTalk on her struggles with epilepsy. Now, she’s been named a BET International Global Good Honoree for the 2022 BET Awards.  

According to BET’s website, the BET Global Good Award is a “recognition of global celebrities and public figures who use their platform for social responsibility, goodness and commitment to the welfare of the global Black community.” Wafula has certainly done that and is working toward her goal of advocating for better mental access by pursuing a degree in psychology with a focus on art therapy at Millersville.   

The award, she says, is a huge honor. “BET is all about Black culture and Black excellence, so it is an honor to be among the many representations of excellence in the Black community,” she shares. “It is also a testimony that we have impactful solutions to issues that we face as the Black community and women have a role to play in finding those solutions.”  

Outside of coursework, running her blog, My Mind My Funk, and many other endeavors, she’s also working on some new projects. “I am currently looking forward to finishing the foundational part of my Pre-Art Therapy training and moving on to the licensure part,” she explains. “On the side, I do ‘Storytelling for Healing’ workshops with groups looking to learn how to use storytelling to create safe spaces. I am also looking forward to the opportunities that will come with this recognition.”  

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