Saturday, April 20th, 2024
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Millersville Continues Test-Optional Policy 

The admissions application for fall 2023 opens July 1.  

Back in 2020, Millersville University decided to make SAT and ACT scores an optional part of the student application process in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the University is continuing this policy up through the fall semester of 2024, placing less emphasis on test scores and more on the general academic success of students seeking to apply.  

The University was the first school in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education to make standardized test scores optional in 2014 as a part of the pilot program.   

“The SAT or ACT is just one measure of a student’s success and temporarily waiving the requirement removes that barrier for students to enter Millersville,” says Dr. Katy Charles, director of admissions. “In 2024, the University will review the success rates of students who entered without a standardized test score in order to make a decision about a permanent policy.” 

Applicants are asked to submit their high school transcript and an application essay. Like test scores, letters of recommendation are optional. “The most emphasis is put on how the student performed in their high school academics,” explains Charles.  

This good news comes just in time for current high school students looking to apply to Millersville University— the admissions application for fall 2023 opens July 1.  

Undergraduate Admissions hosts various programs for those beginning the college application process, those admitted to the University, and all students in between. The newly developed ‘Ville Preview Days were designed for high school juniors as a general overview of the University this past spring.  

In addition to a campus tour and presentations from individual academic departments, students who attended these Preview Days learned more about the college admissions process and financial aid. They could also talk to MU students about their college experiences. The intention is that as students may visit the University multiple times, they can experience different aspects of the University.  

While Preview Days are intended as broad overviews, Open Houses are more specific and intended for high school seniors who have already begun the college application process. These events have a full itinerary, including meetings with professors and a Q & A session with the University’s academic Deans. Open Houses will take place on September 24, October 15 and November 5. 

Campus visits are open now and are offered regularly through August. New student orientation for accepted students attending the University in the fall begins June 21.  

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