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‘Ville’s Student Safety Chapter Honored

MU’s American Society of Safety Professionals Named Student Section of the Year 

Congratulations are in order for Millersville University’s American Society of Safety Professionals student chapter, whose members were recently named 2022 Outstanding Student Section of the Year for the first time in over 20 years. 

The award is granted to ASSP chapters that make significant contributions toward safety education and research. The University placed first out of 15 total schools from across the country, and the organization earned a $5,000 stipend for scholarships and research.  

The American Society of Safety Professionals is an organization that supports occupational health and safety, providing education, development and a community for workers in the field. The organization’s student chapters prepare its members for the professional world and help them learn more about the occupational safety and environmental health field.  

To apply for the award, students had to submit a thorough report of their participation throughout the academic year, along with proof of activity. This includes examples of collaboration with parent chapters, faculty advisor endorsement, proof of at least six meetings during the year and more.  

“The award is significant to the students because as they participate in club activities and prepare the award application, they are learning so much about their field while networking with industry professionals, preparing for their careers, learning to balance their responsibilities and gaining valuable leadership skills,” says Dr. Betty-Jo Bowers, assistant professor at the University and lead advisor for Millersville’s ASSP Student Section.  

The ASSP also evaluates submissions beyond these minimum requirements and considers other factors such as member participation, research projects and community involvement.  

The student chapter members submitted a 60-page report, including attendance documents, details of a student-led research project, club newsletters, campus and community events and details of chapter meetings.  

The students also submitted evidence of hands-on community service activities, including a safety inspection of the Millersville Community Pool and a clean-up at Millersville Lions Medical Den. 

“As the OSEH faculty, we are very proud of our students,” says Dr. Jack Ogutu, OSEH program coordinator at the University. “Having served as a reviewer of student applications for the national society, I can say that this is a very rigorous review.” 

Six ASSP students and a few OSEH faculty members will attend an ASSP Leaders and Honorees Celebration in Chicago on June 26 for recognition as the winners of the Outstanding Student Section of the Year award.  

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