Wednesday, May 29th, 2024
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Studying Abroad “Worth It”

“I am here on the other side of it to tell you that it is worth it!”

Millersville University students have many opportunities during their college experience, including the opportunity to study abroad. The study abroad programs at Millersville are open to all majors on campus. Over half of international studies majors opt to study in a foreign country. All students who meet eligibility are encouraged to learn abroad during their time at Millersville. Students can choose to study at a variety of different places. In recent years, students have studied at universities in numerous countries including Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, South Africa, the United Kingdom and South Korea.

Elizabeth Smigo is one student who is currently studying in Prague, Czech Republic. She is a sophomore secondary English education major. Smigo enjoys studying and going to lectures at Charles University, saying, “They expect you to do the readings and homework not only for points, but because you want to learn it. It’s cool, they treat us more like adults and equals here.” Smigo goes on to offer advice to anyone considering studying abroad. She recommends studying the local language well in advance, going out to talk to locals and staying busy to prevent homesickness. She says the experience of studying in a new country can offer new perspectives to students. “I absolutely recommend studying abroad. It has been an incredible learning and growing experience for me. No matter how stressful and hard the planning process is, don’t let it deter you. I am here on the other side of it to tell you that it is worth it!” says Smigo.

In addition to academics, study abroad opportunities can also provide valuable job experience. Alexandria Gregson is a senior studying English. She recently completed an internship in Cape Town, South Africa at Bush Radio News. For her internship, Gregson was tasked with writing blogs, tweets and other news features that are aired to the public. Studying or working abroad sometimes allows for networking with fellow students from other countries. “I have been able to both gain job experience in my field, and I have been able to travel abroad. I have been able to meet people from around the world and grow as an individual.” says Gregson. While working in Cape Town, Gregson was also able to take two classes and earn internship credits that all counted towards her degree here at Millersville.

Study abroad programs range in length. Students can choose to study for the winter, summer, semester or entire academic year in their country of choice. To learn more about study abroad programs offered by Millersville, visit:






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