Friday, April 19th, 2024

Millersville Team Wins Debate Competition

The winning team was composed of MU students Nehnielle Logan and Charles Ezibe.  

Two debate teams from Millersville University took home first and third place at the Frederick Douglass Institute Debate Society tournament hosted by Bloomsburg University this April.  

The tournament was held online and the topic of this year’s debate was whether or not universities should encourage instruction in critical race theory across the curriculum. The winning team, composed of MU students Nehnielle Logan and biology major Charles Ezibe, had to argue against teaching critical race theory.  

Students competed in teams of two: one researched and presented the affirmative position; the other researched and presented the opposition. The Millersville team that took home third place was made up of students Alex Poland, a multidisciplinary studies major and Grant Shaika, a social studies major. “I think the most challenging and most fun part of the debate was finding weaknesses in the opposition’s arguments,” explains Poland. “You have to think on your feet and figure out just what questions you want to ask when you cross-examine them and also what points you want to address.”  

Seven teams competed in the tournament, including teams from Bloomsburg University, Clarion University and East Stroudsburg. Dr. Caleb Corkery and Dr. Onek Adyanga served as coaches for Millersville’s teams. “The most lively and contentious part of the debate is the cross-examination,” explains Corkery. “Each team [can] ask questions of the other team to pick apart their arguments. This is where students are most tested in their understanding of the issue and their ability to see logic in the arguments presented. Our students rose to this challenge impressively.” 

To learn more about the Frederick Douglass Institute Debate Society, click here.  

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