Saturday, June 15th, 2024
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‘Ville Student Reports on Ukraine from Africa

Alexandria Gregson spent time this semester interning at a radio station in Cape Town, South Africa.

Alexandria Gregson is a senior at Millersville University studying English. This semester she interned at Bush Radio News in Cape Town, South Africa. Her experience at the radio station gave her a unique opportunity to hone her English skills, as well as do some valuable reporting on current events.

During her time in Africa, Gregson wrote blogs, tweets and other news features that were aired to the public. One of her duties was reporting on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. South Africa and Russia have financial ties due to them both being members of BRICS, a group of five emerging economies that meet annually.  ”I began reporting on the invasion from the beginning,” says Gregson. “We are a community run radio station, so it’s important that our listeners know what’s going on in the world.”

Gregson says, “People are concerned; the last thing they want is to go to war.”  However, Gregson always felt safe where she was and doesn’t believe South Africa is in danger.

The internship provided a lot of benefits for Gregson. “I have been able to both gain job experience in my field, and I have been able to travel abroad. I have been able to meet people from around the world and grow as an individual.”

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