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Women in Math, Science and Technology Conference Returns 

Almost 200 young women from regional schools are expected to attend to learn more about careers in mathematics and the sciences.

The Women in Mathematics, Science and Technology Conference will be held at Millersville University on April 5. Almost 200 young women from regional schools are expected to attend to learn more about careers in mathematics and the sciences.

Millersville University invites middle schools, junior high schools and senior high schools in Lancaster County and surrounding counties to select four female students and one teacher or advisor to attend this conference. The selection process is coordinated through science and math teachers at each school.

The purpose of the conference is to encourage young women to consider education and careers in science, mathematics and technology fields by giving them opportunities to meet with a variety of professional women role models who have successfully pursued scientific, mathematic and technology-oriented careers.

“These accomplished role models allow young women to see themselves in similar roles,” says Dr. Nazli Hardy, conference chair and associate professor of computer science at Millersville. “Mentorship and representation are powerful ingredients in success, and the WMSTC role models are exceptional. We appreciate their time and expertise.”

The keynote address at 9 a.m. will be given by Dr. Nicky Fox, the heliophysics division director in the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Her speech is “What’s New and Good Under the Sun.”  Until August 2018, Fox worked at the Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins University, where she was the chief scientist for heliophysics and the project scientist for NASA’s Parker Solar Probe.

She served as the deputy project scientist for the Van Allen Probes, and the operations scientist for the International Solar Terrestrial Physics program. Fox received her bachelor’s in physics and doctorate in space and atmospheric physics from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London. She received a master’s degree in telematics and satellite communications from the University of Surrey.

After the keynote, the young women will hear a variety of presentations from role models in the field. All sessions, the keynote presentation, and the luncheon will be held in the Student Memorial Center and the Bolger Conference Center in Gordinier Hall.

Millersville University, the Hazeltine family, and Phoenix Contact, Inc., sponsor the Annual Glenna Hazeltine Women in Mathematics, Science and Technology Conference.

“The success of the conference is largely due to the conference committee, especially Mrs. Marianne Frantz, the conference administrator, who put in hours of work over several months for the culmination of a most successful and impactful annual conference,” says Hardy. “I have always felt proud to be a part of the committee and the conference for much of my career at Millersville University.


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