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Dr. Irwin: President of BEA

Dr. Stacey Irwin, professor in Communication & Theatre, will become the president of the Broadcast Education Association in April.

Dr. Stacey Irwin, professor in Communication & Theatre, will become the president of the Broadcast Education Association in April. BEA is the premiere international academic media organization, driving insights, excellence in media production and career advancement for educators, students, and professionals. Irwin’s term begins after the 2022 BEA Conference. She is the 7th female elected president in 56 years of the organization’s history.

Irwin joined Millersville University in 2004 and is a professor of Media Arts Production.  She also teaches a course in the Doctoral program in Educational Leadership. She is the faculty advisor for Millersville’s student led television station MUTV and the BEA/National Electronic Media Association student club.

We recently asked Irwin a few questions about her upcoming position with BEA.

What does it mean to you, being named president?
It is an honor to serve Broadcast Education Association at this highest level. I think this leadership opportunity has been the culmination of working for an organization and a cause that I love and support, over many years. I have been a member of the Broadcast Education Association since my graduate school days and I was encouraged by many mentors, to get involved. Media Education is what I do, so finding ways to excel for my students and institution, share my research, participate in curricular and technology discussions, and meet likeminded academic colleagues and industry professionals has been a very rewarding experience, a vital one, for me.

As one of only seven females to hold the role of president in BEA’s history, do you anticipate any challenges with your role?
I am happy to have a meaningful seat at a board table I am proud of. I think that leadership in any academic association today is challenging because higher education is going through challenging times. I am sure I may face some challenges I am not even thinking of. BEA is a membership organization and our aim is to help faculty and institutions thrive in this current climate. Increased diversity from our organization’s leadership is going to help members find new and unique ways to work through and perhaps even solve some of these problems. The BEA board is full of bright colleagues with more representation from women than I can remember. I acknowledge the women who have come before me, who had challenges moving into executive committee leadership. I lost elections along the way, but I just kept putting my name in the mix until I was elected to the board about eight years ago. I had a lot of competition and that is ok. It is a sign of a healthy association. I encourage women to go for leadership positions in their organizations.

How will your work on BEA contribute to students at Millersville?
At the executive committee level, I’ve had opportunities to judge media festivals and hear about trends from top media industry leaders, and this has helped me prepare our Millersville University students for their future careers and helped us make smart technology and equipment decisions. When I meet media professionals who have internship or job opportunities, I can pass those onto our students to help them become more prepared and competitive for the job market when they graduate. BEA’s strong connection with industry professionals keeps me up to date with trends and new technologies, and what media managers need for their talent pool. Overall, I’m just a more confidant and prepared professor when I engage in all kinds of opportunities through the Broadcast Education Association. Working to foster opportunities for media educators across the country, to help them share their research and pedagogy and creative work, and connect with industry professionals, is very important to me. It is what allows me, and media educators like me, to authentically get in front of a class knowing we have the most relevant and timely information to share with our students. And this makes more prepared content creators and media makers.

About Stacey Irwin:
Irwin authored her first book “Digital Media: Human Technology Connection” in 2016 and co-edited “Postphenomenology and Media: Essays on Human–Media–World Relations in 2017,” both with Lexington Books. She also produced, directed and edited “Raising Faith~Stories” About Dyslexia, a 30-minute documentary that received several finalist awards and official selection screenings. She received her bachelor’s degree in Radio and TV Communication from Salem College, her master’s degree in Mass Communication from Emerson College and her Ph.D. in Education, with a focus in Higher Education Curriculum and Leadership, from University of Maryland College Park. She taught in the Department of Electronic Media and Film at Towson University, from 1993-2004, after time working in radio and television broadcasting.



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Congratulations Stacey, well deserved and a high distinction worthy of great praise. Good luck way to represent MU at the highest level.
Cheers jw

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